Pre Nursery Schools

Worrying about what the child is today has a greater importance that what he becomes tomorrow. This is what the pre-nursery schools focus on.

A pre-nursery school is a type of playschool mainly for children up to 3 years of age. The main aim of these schools is to develop in the child the behavioural skills and language by involving them in fun activities, reading sessions etc. These are the schools that a child goes to before the commencement of formal education at the primary schools. These may be government, privately operated or cost subsidized.

While enrolling children into a pre- nursery school, the parents need to make sure that it is appropriate and has all the facilities available. Children have a habit of running around and playing so it is necessary for the school to have an open playground equipped with props and swings. It should be clean, safe and spacious so that the children do not get crowded.

The children attending these pre-nursery schools belong to different walks of life. A few of them may also be differently abled. Thus the schools should be constructed in such a way that it meets the need of all the children and is barrier free for them. Children tend to be always in a hurry and do not see where they are going, so the area for the pick and drop should be large enough for safe entry and exit of children. All classrooms should be equipped with proper communication systems for easy contact during emergencies. Many schools also provide the students with academic sessions which give them an idea about the basics of counting and alphabets.

Parents should take special care while choosing the pre-nursery schools for their children. Children take time adjusting to a new environment, so the parent might be needed their sometimes during the start to console his/her child. It should be near your place. A proper reputed school is good for your child. It will have all the facilities that a child may need. Even after registering their child in the school, parents should take regular feedback as to how their child is doing and if he is having any problems. They should pay special attention to the fact that the school and classrooms are airy and well lit. A pre-nursery school which has a corner dedicated to fun activities like painting, pots etc. can be an attraction. Cleanliness and proper sanitation should be a point to be taken care of when choosing the school for your child.

Teachers play an important role in what your child learns in his/her early age. Presence of a good and well qualified teacher can play a major role in how the child turns out to be. The teacher should be soft-spoken, friendly and approachable. The number of students that a teacher handles should be well proportioned. This will ensure that the works does not become a burden for the teacher and the children learn efficiently.

Leaving a child at pre-nursery school is an easy and hassle free process for parents. Schools that have clear-cut rules like-specific pick and drop timing, easy payment process etc. are a popular choice for parents. These schools also provide parents with the opportunity to mingle with other parents. This gives them a chance to find individuals who may lend support or babysitting time.

Pre-nursery schools have been providing the children with care and education at a basic level and thus have a great hand in developing the child’s personality and behaviour. A good school may lead to a child becoming a self-sufficient individual and a bad one may make him/her an annoying fellow.

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