School Newsletters

A School newsletter caters to its readers, one general topic of interest. These are circulated as a regular and timely publication. There is an increasing demand as the concept behind School Newsletters is to inform parents about the ongoing activities in the school. All the latest advancements in the curriculum and changes in the schedule are mentioned in the School Newsletter. It enables parents to be aware about the functioning and development of the school.

General elements engulfed in a School Newsletter-

  • School activities
  • Newly structured policies
  • Changes in schedule
  • Events and performances
  • Community happenings

School Newsletters- Making lives easier for Parents

  • Parents can stay on top of school news and can engage better with their child’s academics.
  • Increase their chances to attend important events and plan their schedule accordingly.
  • Moreover, parents love to consume, clear and concise content.
  • e- Newsletters are also a great boon as they can be accessed online at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world on a smart phone.

Newsletters, winning the race over magazines-

Here are some of the most common differences between a school newsletter and a magazine:-

1. Content- The content of a magazine is written by multiple authors. It usually has stories and articles on different themes and subjects. On the contrary, a newsletter has articles about one main subject or theme which may or may not have multiple authors.

2. Audience- The content is generic and so is the audience when it comes to magazines. You will find no or minimal use of specialized keywords meant to be understood by a particular group of individuals. Newsletters are written for a particular group of people with a common interest. Thus, it may contain content relevant only to a particular section of people and the content may include technical jargons as well.

One can easily make out if a particular publication is a magazine or a newsletter by looking at the following elements-

1. Size- Magazines fit in all kinds of formats, be it digest or tabloid. Newsletters also come in different formats, although letter size is a typical newsletter format.

2. Length- The total number of pages in a magazine is significantly more. Most magazines have pages from a few dozen to a few hundred. Newsletters are compact and do not have more than 12-24 pages. Some of them may even have 1-2 pages in all.

3. Binding- Magazines typically use saddle stitching or perfect binding depending on the number of pages. There is no requirement of binding or using saddle-stitching in a newsletter. A staple around the corner is all what needs to be done.

4. Layout- Cover is the most distinct feature to mark out the visual difference between a magazine and a school newsletter. Magazines usually have a cover that includes the name of the publication, graphics, and perhaps headlines or teasers about what is inside that issue. Newsletters do not have a specially designed cover upfront. Some captions on the front and a masthead over the top is all what they have. The front page is simple yet meaningful with no additional highlights unlike a magazine.

Thus, a newsletter is more visually appealing and saves your time whilst providing clear and concise content.

Newsletter Developers for Schools-

FairGaze- It is an online ecosystem and the largest K-12 media. The organization works for talent grooming and career discovery of students.

The Online School Newsletter by FairGaze-

It provides schools the platform to showcase the achievements of the students and the institution to parents and other stakeholders across the education community. It also provides an opportunity for students to groom their journalistic skills and get their talents published.


  • 1. Regular updates.
  • 2. Develops journalistic skills among students including writing, editing, reporting, photography, video making etc.
  • 3. Highlights the achievements of students.
  • 4. Publishes overall content for Annual Souvenir of the institution.
  • 5. Promotes events and success stories amongst parents and stakeholders.

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