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Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, in simple terms, is simulation of human intelligence in machines which helps in improving the efficiency of our daily tasks. But, the machines can only act and react just like the way humans do once they have all the necessary information they need on them. AI has become increasingly abundant in technical systems around us - one of the most famous examples is our beloved Siri. Even though initiating common sense, reasoning power and problem solving abilities in a machine is a tedious task - it definitely is not unachievable. And with current advancements in technology, there sure is a significant threat that grips the human society. And it's not coming from a layman - even Elon Musk feels so. And since he does, there might be something uncanny that exists about the technology. The existent threat of AI is that it might replace human intelligence in future and result in some kind of global catastrophe. This is because it is the human brain and intelligence that makes us highly dominant among other species. If that is lost to artificial intelligence, we might lose it to machine (Matrix does not seem so much fun now, does it?). It might sound like some great climax of a sci-fi thriller but apparently, the machine intelligence explosion could be so unexpected and quick that we might not have time to cope up with it. Banning research is definitely not solution but working towards regulations and how to combat if artificial intelligence does surpass human intelligence.