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Display of Extra-ordinary Sports Performances By These Little Sports-persons

Sports play a great role in child’s life because it keeps them healthy, wealthy and active. Healthy mind is achieved through healthy body only. In HES, one of the most important activities we emphasize on is “SPORTS”. It is planned in such a nice way as it benefits children from their beginning stage. Sports curriculum from grade 1 to Grade X is exceptionally designed keeping in the mind the age and need of the child. All the aspects comprising sports classes’ curriculum, club classes’ curriculum, mini sports events, athletics events, sports functions and internal and external competitions are spread and planned beautifully throughout the year. While designing curriculum, few objectives are kept in mind:  To develop the organic system of the body. To develop the right attitude and physical activities in general To give adequate scope for bringing out the aptitudes and talents of the child. To promote the spirit of certain qualities like sportsman spirit, leadership, team spirit, patience and sociability. Development of understanding and appreciation of the techniques and strategies of sports. To develop correct health habits Maximum exposure through multiple competitions   Achievements of the session 2017-18 Secured second position in Junior Volley Ball Zonal competition Secured Third position in sub Jnr Volley Zonal Competition Second position in Chess Sub – Jnr Zonal Competition. 4 medals in All India Open Invitational Roller Skating championship 8 medals in National Open Roller Skating championship Third place in Delhi Roll Ball Skating Championship in boys category Second place in Delhi Roll Ball Skating Championship in girls category 2 boys represented Delhi Volley Ball team in Nationals 10 students are selected for School Sports Development and Promotion Foundation 8 medals in 3rd North India Skating Championship