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Journalism Workshop on Stages of Production in Media

A Journalism workshop was conducted in Kalka Public School on 13th January, 2018 where huge number of children participated to know about the steps of production in media. Mrs. Malvika Sagar, Professor at Amity University Gurgaon and Dr. Nithin Kalorth, Professor at Bennett University explained everything to them in detail and made them travel the media industry through beautiful examples. The workshop not just moved around pre-production, production and post-production but also about how special VFX are in our Media and Entertainment Industry. The VFX of Special 26 and Dhoom: 3 movies were shown to children to make the concept evocative. The idea behind conducting this workshop was to clear how packages are made in print media, electronic media or new media. Apart from this, general information on editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas were also provided to children.  All the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and received the best out of it.