History of Our Favorite Game Kho-Kho
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History of Our Favorite Game Kho-Kho

Kho Kho is known as one of the most famous traditional games of South Asia. After India, this game has also got some fame in South Africa. Kho Kho is played by 12 players and it has evolved from the Indian sub-continent.

The Asian Kho kho Federation first came into existence in 1987 during the 3rd SAF Games in Kolkata, India. Additionally, the 1st Asian Championship was held at Kolkata in 1996. Countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Maldives also participated in the game. The second championship was played at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

The players need to follow the rules set by the federation according to which only nine players take to the field out of a team of twelve. Moreover, the match contains two innings with each inning consisting of chasing and running turns of 9 minutes each. This game makes children healthy because it improves their immunity and makes them physically fit. 

Content: en.wikipedia.org

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