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Wushu- More than a Martial Art

13 Aug 17

Wushu is a word that defines a Chinese martial art form. As far as a literal translation is concerned Wushu indicates "wu" as military and "shu" means art. In that sense, wushu is a term that describes the Chinese martial arts, similar to kung fu. In fact, both kung fu and wushu were once considered to be the same thing. However, these days wushu is known to be more of an exhibition and full contact sport.

It has been stated in the history that the origin of this sport is vast and somewhere clouded in mystery. China is a place that is also known as the origin of all the martial art form such as karate to kali, capoeira to boxing, fencing to wrestling. The motive of this these martial art forms are, to aid in hunting and protect against enemies.

One of the early formalizations of the arts seems to have occurred under Emperor Huangdi, who took the throne in 2698 B.C. purposely, a type of wrestling was taught to troops at that time involving the use of horned helmets. Nowadays, the term wushu is mostly used to describe an exhibition and combat sport.

By: Priyanka Negi

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Learn and Execute Golf Stroke Mechanics to Hit Every Shot

06 Aug 17

Golf stroke mechanics is a way by which golf players make decisions and execute them to make shots. The decisions could be anything from selecting clubs to selecting shots. It consists of a pre stroke wherein golfers choose which club they want and their stance and the actual stroke.

Stroke is a very complex motion and there are still disagreements upon what constitutes a “good” golf swing. Golf swing has been studied by many scientists and mathematicians who constructed various equations to help explain the swing’s complexity. This was suggested by Nesbit and Serrano in Work and Power Analysis of the Golf Swing. The agreed criterion by researchers is that precise timing and mechanics are required for a successful and consistent golf swing. The entire swing motion should run in a fluid manner. The plane can be specified as horizontal or vertical.

Golf swing’s goal is to direct sufficient kinetic energy into club head so that when it comes into contact with ball, all energy is transferred to the ball, thus sending it into the flight.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: en.wikipedia.org

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The Bliss of Playing Mallakamba Sport

30 Jul 17

The traditional Indian sport Mallakamba involves performance by a gymnast doing aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in harmony with a vertical object or hanging wooden pole or rope. The word Mllakambha got its reference from the pole used in this sport. Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) polished with castor oil is used to make the pole Mallakambha.

Sheesham pole, cane or a rope are used to practice three popular versions of Mallakambha. Mallakambha word got its derivation from the terms malla/mallar which means wrestler and khambal/kambam which means a pole. It literal meaning is a wrestling pole which was used as traditional equipment for training by wrestlers.

The benefits of practicing Mallakambha are that it keeps body slim, hardens muscles and ensures the proper degree of tension for each.  It is a state sport in Madhya Pradesh which was declared on 9th April, 2013. Now, more than 20 Indian states recognized it as their state sports.

By: Bhavna Sharma

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Know Your Sport Better

29 Jul 17

For most of the young players, basketball existed in India outside the metros. There are various schools and colleges where basketball is the most admired sport.

Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body for basketball in India which was formed in 1950. Additionally, it has given wings to many basketball enthusiasts. The Governing body of basketball- BFI is also developing and promotes this game of the sport at all levels.

Towards this end, the BFI undertakes three major initiatives that include developing and organizing the National Teams (Senior, U18, U16, and U14), organizing national championships and federation cups, developing the sport from grassroots upwards through, inter alia.

Inter alia is a conduct of coaching certification courses in collaboration with the international basketball association i.e. FIBA and organizing the Indian School & College Basketball leagues.

Basketball has its place in the history in 1930 when it was played for the first time. It was started with the first Indian National Championship for men and was conducted in 1934 in New Delhi.

Throughout history, Indians learned to value this sport. The fast scoring and intense activity from the beginning until the end is one of the aspects that gave fame to this sport.

By: Priyanka Negi

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Researchers Found Increasing Discrimination against Female Athlete

23 Jul 17

Experts at the University of Missouri School of Journalism have found that micro aggressions against female athletes. The researchers have analyzed that discrimination against Female Athlete in the media increased by nearly 40 percent from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

It’s been found that female athletes have had experienced micro aggressions in the form of racism, sexism, the belittling of athletic activities and being the brunt of sexual jokes.

The author of the research analyzed 723 newspaper and magazine articles covering the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. The researchers analyzed coverage of the 2012 Olympics where they found 69 micro aggressions against female athletes. In the 2016 Olympic coverage, the researchers found 96 instances of micro aggressions against female athletes.

These micro aggressions included four instances of sexual objectification, 26 instances of treating females as second-class citizens, 44 instances of racist or sexist language or jokes, 61 instances of restrictive gender roles, and 30 instances of focusing on the athletes' physical body types and shapes.

The researchers also found increased micro aggressions against female athletes who play more "masculine" sports such as basketball, power lifting and wrestling.

By: Ms Priyanka Negi

Content: www.sciencedaily.com

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