Schools Admission 2017-2018

Schools are next home for every child where they experience unique mix of learning and playing. School memories are cherished by almost all generations. School life provides children with most difficult task like finding socks to most wonderful news like teacher is absent. Every parent wants to send their child to the best of school. They dream of making their children expert in a field which is only possible in a good school.

There was a time in India when parents were not even bothered for schools admission. In a very less school fees their child used to study in Government schools. If we travel back in ancient time, then there were Gurukuls where admissions used to happen with skills and determination shown by a child.

A school is determined to improve the dynamics of a student in every way. These days’ schools have become fussy in providing admissions to children. At the age of 3 to 5 years only, children have to pass from interviews to take admissions in schools. That means the cut throat competition starts at a very tender age for them. Schools admission 2017-2018 will bring out the same story for parents and their children. Since December 2016 only, parents start running across so many best schools around their respective resident. They do it to ensure that their child don’t miss out any opportunity to win in the race of Schools Admission 2017-2018. Parents can see the list of top schools in Delhi by visiting the website of Fairgaze Skills Pvt Ltd i.e. This site is going to be a helping hand for parents to select best and topmost school for their children.

Parents are more concerned about admissions and schools than their children. This is the reason that they send their children to play school instead of making them learn and play at home. At a very early age of two years a child is seen carrying burden of school bags across their shoulders. Though to relax down parents, Government removed various criteria from the previously drafted norms. The new draft or the new criteria was helpful to parents and their children for schools admission 2017-2018. The Directorate of Education announced admission schedule for 1,400 schools in the last week of December 2016. Admission forms were made available from January 2, 2017 and last date of submission was January 23, 2017. Closure of admission for Schools admission 2017-2018 will be done by March 31, 2017.

Undoubtedly, parents were seen more relaxed because of the removal of 51 criteria. Schools admission 2017-2018 witnessed more equality in terms of admissions. The removed criteria included parent’s education, parent’s profession, age, oral test and interview. So, admission in schools is going in full pace by all the schools. It’s high time for every parent. List of children who are provided admission is out by schools in the month of February. Both first and second list are out. Most of the parents are now happy to see the names of their children in the list. While few parents are still sighing in hopes to get another list out by schools.

Schools Admission 2017-2018 was filled with anxiety, happiness, relief and so many other emotions. Every parent was taking a close glance at all sorts of source of information for admissions. Media, schools notice board and court verdict, nothing left behind where parents were looking at. The famous dialogue from “3 Idiots” best suit here for all parents and their children. “Life is a race, if you don’t run fast; you will be like a broken anda (egg), like the gangu bird.”

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