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Climate Changes Mystery for Scientists

The scientists from the University of Sheffield's Department of Geography have stated that limited data on Antarctica’s weather is enhancing the climate changing mystery.


The research was led by Dr Julie Jones from the university along with a research team.

While focusing on the concern Dr. Julia said that the Antarctica’s climate is creating a complex situation for the researchers.


The scientists also stated that the mystery of changing climate, caused by human action is still unclear. According to the researchers the earth is heating due to the regular effects of green house gases.


The scientists added that the main clues from the Antarctica’s weather-records are missing. Missing records makes it difficult for the analysts to see how longer climate tendency has changed in the area.


The scientists have cleared that the changing nature shows ephemeral nature of the region. Unlike any other continents the weather of Antarctica cannot be analyzed easily.


As per the study, the first routine identification was happened in 1957 that had provided essential climate-data for the recent research. However, a vast area of the continent had not been located by the routine observation in 1957 which is the reason behind data shortage as per the scientists.