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Corona: A Blessing in Disguise

It’s enough, it really is enough;

It’s time for you to have mercy upon us;
Think about the origin of nature
And the way of your torture.

It’s enough, it really is enough;
Angels in white coats are risking their lives,
So that others may rejoice their lives;
Get the message of serenity from their white coats,
Please go and sail your boats.

It’s enough, it really is enough;
Look at the pain of the helpless;
They are walking miles and miles away for food,
I entreat you to ponder that, you’ve enough being rude.

It’s enough, it really is enough;
Look at the tender age,
Whom you’re showing your rage;
You,ve seriously washed away many;
Some just born, some don’t have penny.
It’s enough, it really is enough;
Be kind to the young generation,
They’re striving for education;
Let them meet their educators,
So that, one day they turn out to be the change makers.

- Ms. Priyanka Singh

Fight the corona pandemic

That evening in mid-february

I saw the news of corona victory
There were more cases of corona
I was worried about India.

Then media told some prevention
Towards them I pay fully attention.
I listen, wear gloves and mask.
I think this is dangerous task.

During cough use the tissue,
Understand this difficult issue.
Then they told corona symptoms,
I carefully listen.

If you are suffering from fever
And breathing problem.
Just go to doctor.
Make yourself corona warrior,
To destroy corona virus.