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Principal's Message

“The growing unrest in our surroundings sometimes makes me doubtful about the prospective picture of a beautiful world we are dreaming for our children. It is not just about the turbulences in the society or nation but the turmoil we have created in all prevailing systems including ecology. The levels of devastation are so high that our planet is ageing rapidly and human life expectancy is declining with time. Being in a profession accountable with great liabilities of shaping nation builders, I feel myself empowered with education as a key to guide the next generation to be responsible pioneers of future. With tremendous advancements taking place with changing eras, we have to develop ideologies and techniques to better equip our children with the updates of time and alongside ensure to remind them being human. It is a need to build democratic outlook and develop tolerance and patience in their behavior, so that they become able contributors to a progressive society.”

Mr. Vividh Gupta