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School as a Second Home

Education in today’s world is creating a quest for learning and exploring in an ever expanding expanse of knowledge and wisdom.
The Students of this generation have an access to all kinds of information available faster than one can imagine.

If as teachers, we do not understand and appreciate this change, it’s very difficult to hook children to new avenues of learning. No matter how hard we try to reach out to children through conventional means of lecture and chalk board, it’s not going to fulfill the purpose of learning in this digital age.

Are we as teaching community, prepared to embrace this change of using digital means to establish the connect with students?

A fine blend of teachers’ overview based on their experience coupled with the use of technology, is going to be the answer for creating a community of interested learners who then see education as meeting their needs of learning as opposed to something disconnected with their day to day life.

The other important aspect of anyone growing and learning depends upon one’s emotional stability. You can’t expect a child to gear up to learning unless he/she finds as not being cared for enough in school - space. Teachers, when focus their attention on meeting children at an emotional level first, before challenging them cognitively, tend to succeed more often. The School, being a second home for children is a niche statement, an essential first stage for any learning to happen.