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Television Exposure

With the proliferation of television channels in the last few years, parents and teachers are facing the serious challenge of regulating the hours of television viewing. It has captivated the minds of small children, teenagers and adults. These channels take the children away from the natural and real world. They are exposed to violence and ugliness. It affects the young minds so much that they start behaving like their favorite characters. 
As a matter of fact television offers news, sports, education and entertainment that are important for us. However it also gives negative information which we do not want our children to learn. Even news channels show programmes related to crime and violence. Continous watching of such programmes make them behave aggressively.

It has become absolutely necessary to deal with this problem and find out ways. Parents can limit television watching to quite an extent. The television set should not be kept in children's room. They must sit with them during programmes to supervise them. Healthy substitutes like outdoor activities, picnics and sports should be encouraged.

Don’t wish for it; work for it

One fundamental problem that is faced by the students these days is that their thoughts & words towards their work don’t line up with their goals.

They want to accomplish their goal, but they lack determination. Students should believe in themselves that they have everything it takes to be successful in their life. Once they start believing in themselves they are just few steps away from achieving their goals and being successful.

They should be constantly motivated because it is something that energize, directs and sustains their behaviour. It gets students moving, points them in a particular direction, and keeps them going. It even affects the choices that students make. Every student is stronger than they think, braver than they can imagine & can do anything that they put their mind to!

Last but not the least “When you want something done don’t merely wish for for it”. Motivation and encouragement usually come from their parents, elders, teachers and mentors. They guide them accordingly.