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Workshop on Journalism by Mr. Subeeth Organized by FairGaze Skills Private Ltd.

Workshop on Journalism by Mr. Subeeth Organized by FairGaze Skills Private Ltd.

On the 26th of October, the students of VIII-X assembled in the Vidyamandir Auditorium to attend a journalism class facilitated by a leading journalist. The class began at 09:00am and came to an end at 01:30pm. Students were introduced to the mesmerizing field of journalism, the role that reporters and editors play in the making of a piece of news, the importance of news value, the way in which worthy news is created, the inverted pyramid theory, the importance of suitable tense and much more.
He also gave an informative lecture about the advantages and disadvantages of social media as a whole. He also asked the students to prepare news reports and evaluated it. He made each one of us understand the features of a good news report. It was a truly fruitful class and a divine experience that encouraged every student present to look at the newspapers and newsletters they ignore every morning in a new, positively different way.

By: Karthu.S.Pradeep, IX Ruby

Teachers Training Workshop By Mr Antony Joy At Gayathri Central School

Teachers Training Workshop By Mr Antony Joy At Gayathri Central School

"What a teacher is more important then what she teaches"  

Teachers Training  Workshop was conducted At Gayathri Central School on 14th September, 2019 in the school premises by National Trainer Mr. Antony Joy. He addressed the teachers of Gayathri from different fields, in the workshop he explains concept of teaching and how  should teachers can improve thier teaching parallel to the advancement of technology. Many case studies and examples were discussed in the workshop. Many teachers have querries regarding the teaching standards and education system in which Mr. Antony Joy answered all the querries very patiently. 

Positive Parenting Workshop Conducted By Jomy Joy

Positive Parenting Workshop Conducted By Jomy Joy

A workshop was organized in our school on the topic “Positive Parenting” for our parents on 27.06.2019 at about 09:30am by Mr.Jomy Joy, the regional head of FairGaze Skill Private Ltd.  The programme was successful as it could provide lot of  tips to our parents regarding the ways by which they can manage their kids and their expectations.  It was a wonderful experience for our parents.  Mr.Jomy encouraged parents to boost the self esteem of their kids and provide quality time for them by patiently listening to them, talking, playing, laughing and travelling with them. He also emphasized on the view that at times saying “No” to children is a must.  It helps them to correct their mistakes on time.  Parents could also get useful information regarding the usage of drugs among children.We are thankful to FairGaze Skills Pvt. Ltd. for providing this opportunity. Mr.Jomy Joy with his mentoring ability could seek the complete attention of the parents and the students present in the hall.  The student journalists also contributed their little mite by collecting feedback from the parents and by taking the initiative of making an article regarding this programme.

3 days Capacity Building Programme for Teachers- Mr.Manulal

 3 days Capacity Building Programme for Teachers- Mr.Manulal

A Teachers’ Training Workshop on 21st Century Skills and Values was conducted on 15th, 16th & 17th of June 2018, under the guidance of Dr.Manulal.G, the former Advisor Trainer of the CBSE, New Delhi, presently the Pedagogy Director of Gayathri Central School.
The overall objective of the workshop was to introduce the new academic frame work guided by the NCF, CBSE guidelines and curriculum. The sessions spreadover three days from 09.30am to 04.00pm. The training was attended by 6 teachers from KG Section to Std.X.
Different sets of sessions on pedagogy, methodology and technology were provided with the aid of digital presentations. All theoretical backgrounds of the training course were compiled in a comprehensive manual which was handed out to all the participant teachers. The participants successfully collaborated and discussed the main ideas in their working groups and gave short presentations at the end of each module. All the working groups were headed and guided by a mentor each.
The training sessions started with the introduction of the resource person to the participants. The trainer in consultation with the participants proposed the basic guidelines to be followed during the training days in order to maintain a productive and organised training programme.
The first day begun with the discussion on the components of lesson cum session plan. Participants expressed their views over the topics like prior knowledge, learning outcomes, Bloom’s taxonomies etc.
A detailed discussion over critical pedagogy was accomplished on the second day of training.
The last day was devoted to the preparation of lesson plan as per the new academic frame work. The workshop ended with the simple closing ceremony. An overall valuation was conducted to obtain participants’ views about different aspects of the training.

Report on Capacity Building Programme on the topic “Gender Sensitivity”

Report on Capacity Building Programme on the topic  “Gender Sensitivity”

To empower the teachers about Gender Sensitivity, the CBSE had organized a Capacity Building programme for teachers of Gayathri Central School and the teachers from Overseas.

The programme began with a silent prayer and introduction of the Resource Persons by our Principal Mrs. Leena Shankar.

Morning session was handled by Mrs. Asha Yatees, Principal Al Ameen Central School, Alappuzha.

The first activity was a self introduction by all teachers and also to give a famous woman personality that comes in their mind. Teachers were divided into 5 groups and various activities like group discussion, role play etc. were organized.

The afternoon session was handled by Mrs. Neema Nair, Principal of Shantinikethan Central School, Kollam. The handouts given in the resource material were discussed. Individual activities like lesson planning and text book review were done. At the end, teachers gave the feedback about the class/ programme.

The programme was very interesting and informative. It ended by 5.00 pm after taking the group photo.

“Consumer Rights” by Adv. Mujeeb Rehman

“Consumer Rights” by Adv. Mujeeb Rehman

An Awareness Campaign on Consumer Rights was held on 16.02.2019. Adv.Mujeeb Rehman (Advocate, District Court, Mavelikara) delivered a priceless and knowledgeful speech on Consumer Awareness for students.

The Chief Guest elaborated on the ill effects of the usage of mobile phones. He also highlighted on the cyber crimes which is taking place in our societyes in recent times. The students responded positively to the questions raised by the resource person.



Every year Gayathri Central School arranges special class for the teachers for their overall development.  

This year also the class was held on 24th May 2019.  The class was taken by Dr.V.Sunil Raj who is professionally a clinical psychologist but is a highly experienced person and had taken many seminars for teachers as well as professors and common people across India and abroad as well.

The class started at 09:30am on 24th May 2019.  It was an interactive session.  Main aim of the class was effective classroom management.  The class dealt about majority of subjects like behavioural problems. Cognitive stages of a child’s problem, the PPP for a successful teacher.  He also explained about the qualities such as effective disciplinary skills, engaging personality and teaching style.  He also made it clear that teaching is not profession but an art, an interactive process.  It is a motivation.  He concluded by explaining the PPP for successful teacher.  PPP means Planning, Preparation and Presentation that is the teacher should plan the class that she is supposed to take then she must prepare it and finally present in a proper and effective way.  At last he gave the contact details and assured that another session can be conducted for the teachers.  He can also be consulted by the parents of Gayathri Central School if they have some learning disability.

The class was concluded at 03:30pm.  The teachers are expected to implement it.