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My Planet In 2020 By Anshul Saini

The 2000s decade came up with revolutions in many fields and sectors across the world. The internet kicked in and revolutionised the world, bringing forth things not thought of previously. The 21st century is dominated by technological inventions. The 20th century saw man land on the moon. The 21st century will witness man landing on several of the many planets. The first will be the Mars. The mission is likely to be accomplished by 2030, as planned by NASA. Increased investment in research activites is likely to lead to the discovery of vaccine of many diseases like AIDS, cancer etc. 

Technology is fast advancing. Social media at present acts as one of the leading source of news and interaction. It poses a threat to traditional sources of media including television, newspapers, radios and magazines. By 2030, some of the traditional media sources, specifically print newspaper will have little role to play as online newspapers and social media will have taken over the market. Mobile phones will play a greater role in the purchase of goods, withdrawal and deposit of money. Additional with the declining oil reserves across the world electric cars will substitute petrol cars. Consequently, there will be a major shifting in job trends.

Global warming will become an even bigger problem. Sea levels will continue to rise and freshwater resources will be polluted. Fresh water will become a  major issues and environmental destruction will increase significantly.

Everyone would be able to afford to study and maybe we will not go to schools. Threatfully human teachers would be replaced by online teachers.

The more modern technologies will be the much polluted environment we have. Nevertheless, future scientist will pay more attention to this aspect so it will be improved soon. There will be robot helping in many aspects of the lives of people. People won't need to do housework and cook meals because robots would do them all.People would use computers even more and would be couch potatoes.

We would lose the space to build our homes,so we will build floating towns running on solar energy. The human race will explore other planets for their greed of resources. The traffic will be moved to skies. All of these changes would affect the nature very badly and eventually a time will come when there would be no traces of nature.



By: Anshul Saini



I often found myself pondering over the fact that can a time ever come when computers will be able to replace our teachers and the teaching system as a whole? After giving it a strict thought the answer is -NO...Computers today can be defined as an electronic machine that has amazed the world by minimizing the whole planet. Students can find answers to all their queries on computer but it's a machine devoid of any emotions. When a teacher teaches a topic to a student a link and rapport is generally developed between them. This essential component is missing in the case of computers. A teacher is our inspiration and source of motivation and we can ask oodles of questions to him/her but computers are not that vast as they only answers up to those limits feeded in them. Beyond them if you ask anything you will just get a reply as "request not found".                      

 Apart from the mutual involvement factor when an individual learns anything from a teacher he or she has no other option but to understand the topic fully because when the teacher asked a question no excuses can be made. On the other hand if an individual learns from the computer there will be no obligation upon him or her to understand the subject matter seriously. That individual Will leave    the learning part for the future and that future will never arrive. There is actually an emotional bonding between a teacher and a student and there are some students who need special care and attention. Not all students can be taught easily with the help of computers as they are unable to focus on each and every student in the classroom.                    

 Moreover in the classroom there is an environment of learning. A Student not only learns the topics in the classroom but also learns other important values of life such as peer learning, teamwork leadership skills that are very important for the for being successful in life in attaining a respective goals. A teacher can cater to the individual needs of the student as well as a parent teacher communication can be made between the parents and teachers the computer also provides this facility but it's not that efficient which a human can serve up too. As it goes without saying that teaching is the only profession that makes the other professions. “A teacher is like a candle it burns itself and consume itself to light up the life of the students".             

If computers can replace teachers then a day also might come when an individual will not require his or her family after all such task can be performed by machines as well there are some things in life which can never be replaced the most important among these are the emotions of love ,care and affection.      

However, technologically advanced we become there are some things in life that cannot be replaced. Our teacher's way of teaching can never be replaced by computers but online teaching can become successful with each day passing.       


Amisha Kohli