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Triumph in Regional Storytelling Competition

Story weaves in the heart of reader like beads in a rosary...
An apex achievement by a creative GBNite who sparkled the name of school. It is an appreciable achievement to announce that Surbhi Nagar of Grade 8 C has surpassed the regional level of CBSE Story Telling Competition. It is a eulogizing moment as she bagged first position competing with students from eminent schools all over Panchkula region. GBN family wishes her all the best for the Nationals and all the upcoming future events.

Special Assembly on Republic Day

"Winds of freedom swaying in the sky
Setting free minds to bloom and fly."
On a chilly morning of 22nd January, students of Satluj house got a golden opportunity to conduct special assembly on Republic Day. The skillful GBNites carved the essence of freedom by spilling the melodies with a soulful patriotic song. The speech then threw light on the importance of the constitution with the visual display on the same and touching the chords of elements of the constitution. 

The vibrant and zealous dancers tapped to the tunes and gave an alluring performance. Also, the voracious GBNites were felicitated with medals and certificates for their excellent performance in Olympiad. The assembly ended on an ecstatic and informative note as revered Principal Ma'am tapped the reservoir of her knowledge.

Pariksha Pe Charcha

GBN Sr. Sec. School organized the screening of the live session on 'Pariksha pe Charcha' by Shri Narendra Modi. While addressing the students, he evoked a sense of enthusiasm among them and how one can be faithful towards oneself. Also, he ignited a spark of self-belief and turning their focus towards studies. It was a boosting session for them.

Scholar Badge Ceremony Content

On the bright and cheerful morning of 30 October, 2019, Scholar Badge Ceremony 2019-20 was held to reward the students who have proved their mettle in academics. The eminent scholars engraved their success on gilded pages of history climbing the ladder of success and adding another feather to their cap of victory. The scholar badges and ties adorned the scholars. Revered Director Ma'am and esteemed Principal Ma'am felicitated the proud scholars and eulogized the meticulous efforts of outstanding students and motivated other students to follow their footsteps. It was an indelible day for the awardees who toiled hard consistently.

Little GBNites Went For a Movie "The Lion King"

Educational trips play a vital role in the learning process of a child. Here in GBN we lay emphasis on the experiential learning so we took our kids of Pre Primary to second grade to the movie "The Lion King" in which they witnessed all the animals come alive on the big screen. It was the thrilling experience to watch the movie and reinforcing the facts they were taught in class.

Summer Vaganza Finale and Parvarish

An overwhelming Closing Ceremony of a successful 10 Days Event "SUMMER VAGANZA" took place on 31st May, 2019 followed by mesmerising Dance And Qawwali performances. The much awaited parenting workshop "Parvarish" was held in a very interactive way wherein parents poured their queries and gained tips and tricks to know more about their child's psychology from the experts.

All the activities done by the kids in summer vaganza were proudly showcased and explained by the young learners to all the viewers.

It was hard to say good bye to our children as an affectionate bond was made during the event. Lots of love and warm wishes were imparted to the children in the form of momento briefing about eco friendly message of reduce, reuse and recycle.