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From the school desk

Wisdom of Words by Ms Leela Govind

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."

-Margaret Mead

How to teach a fish to walk on land or encourage a moss to grow tall? One cannot and, at GBN, we absolutely do not! The beauty of nature lies in its diversity, each organism flourishing in its niche.

Schooling, as the word literally means, is for training. Training is imperative for aspects such as maintaining personal hygiene, regular exercise, social courtesies and time-management. Nevertheless, to avoid excessive regimentation, this training needs to be balanced with space for self-expression. The best of education is for self-realisation and so discovery, exploration, experiential-learning become inherent components of progressive schooling. So, an accomplished sportsperson is as welcome as an enthusiastic beginner and a mesmerising performer is as cherished as a student struggling to overcome stage-fright.