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Annual Function

Laadli Annual Function At Goodwill Public School

Goodwill Public School had organized Annual Day function on 12th January 2019  in the present year. This program was oreganised at Dilli Haat in Delhi. The Annual Day function of the year 2019 had a theme of “Laadli”. The laadli stands for the girl child. In the Indian Society what is the status of a girl child right from the  ancient era, medieval era and modern era are growing. In the present society there are two kinds of thinking are developing in the society. First "society feels happy on the birth of girl child and they do not have any difference between the girl and the boys". Where as in the second "society on the birth of girl child finely become unhappy which shows that still there is deference in the society and the thinking of the woman kind".  In the annual day function there were also other programs such as dance, music, speech, act all together programs make the function very nice. The annual day function boost up the moral of all students of Goodwill Pubic School and also the teachers and another staffs of the school.