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Size Zero or Malnutrition

There has been an increase in the number of females affected by malnutrition in our country. The issue of malnutrition shares the same importance with the topics like corruption, poverty and inflation.

The ‘Size Zero’ craze refuses to surrender. The media refuses to give up on the figures of malnutrition crawling down the catwalk ramp. While readers continue to be  secretly amazed by these new species of human. The bombshells are crawling their way through the skeletons to unveil their curves on bill boards, magazine covers, advertisement world and almost everywhere. The fashion industry is replete with such bony, thin and stick like figures, this trend of size zero figure has not spared the Hindi Cinema. While celebrities can take a pride in setting a trend, but for young followers there could be health hazards. Building strong bones is particularly important for women, as they are three times more likely to develop OSTEOPOROSIS and suffer upto three times more hip fracture than men.  Looking thin is like being a poster girl for sickness and bad health. I believe it is more important to be fit than be thin and look sick.

Fitness experts point out that size zero is unhealthy and not many are aware of what it implies. “Size Zero refers to maintaining a slim figure. Do the right kind of exercise under the guidance of a certified trainer and have the right kind of food that can help you acquire a slim figure. Simply copying superstars and trying to be a size zero is something no sensible person will support, concludes fitness expert, Dinaz Vervat Wala.

There is a great need for the youth to understand the importance of nutrition. Its time for the youth to use their common sense and not get influenced by models and actors easily.