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Importance of clean water supply in Eradicating Poverty

The access to clean water plays an important role in Eradicating Poverty. A human being can survive without food for once but cannot sustain a healthy life without the consumption of fresh water. The World Health Organization  has found in a research that the countries with rapid economic growth have more access to the clean water in comparison to the countries who have a low economic growth. Water is an essential component for growing and processing raw goods for food and textiles.

For Example, In Africa,   Clean water is a subject of main problems because it affects their livelihood and agriculture growth. People have to travel miles away to consume and bring water which is tiring and time consuming. Women and children are affected the most due to the polluted water as it can cause various water borne diseases. The social and economic effect caused due to lack of clean water is the highest priority of African communities right now. Africa is not the only country to be affected by such unhygienic conditions, there are various other countries as well . Likewise, if agriculture of the country is not growing the economy also gets affected and all this is the result of shortage of clean water.