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Principal's Message

 Education is a prime instrument of national purpose and that quality of education is inescapably involved in the quality of nation. The maintenance and strengthening of quality education is a task even more onerous than its attainment. What is required, is an immerse burst of idealism and exuberance among our students. At Guru Harkrishan Public School, Dhaka Dhirpur, students are not competing with each other but with themselves, by constantly raising their expectations and successfully achieving those targets. This makes them sensitive and empathetic to other’s failures, a very important factor which shapes them into fine human beings. Our school carefully nurtures the tangible and intangible strengths of each student, carefully preparing them to face challenges of a competitive world. We make learning an enjoyable experience that can never be forgotten and provides points of reference in one’s future. ‘Vidya Vichari Ta Parupkari’ the motto of the school and it says “True learning induces in the mind, service to mankind’.