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Happiness is a basic requirement as basic as food, water, shelter. And like water, happiness has no physical form, neither does it guarantee a permanent state of happiness. It is something we search for all the time in everything. People go to great length in trying to achieve it. It is a state of mind, a bio-chemical state where certain hormones running in our tiny neurotrons-mitters determine it.

In a complicated world, the meaning of happiness is incredibly distorted. Most of us are clueless where to look for it and thus have spent most of our lives in trying to search the right path leading to happiness. What we perhaps don`t realize is that it is one of the simplest form of being. A new born child is in a natural state of happiness. The child does not recognize prejudice, hate, etc. Gradually the child in us starts to wean away, the need for external sources of happiness become more and more like a necessity for survival. Today, we don`t find happiness in the company we have, we are not content with what we are born with, we are not at peace with wherever we have reached. I wonder what has happened to the infinite strength that we were born with that was the primary source of happiness. It`s pretty ironic how such a simple state of being can get so complicated to achieve. Ultimately the definition of happiness is subjective to each of, yet the feeling is the same. No two people choose the same path to happiness, but in its pursuit they almost always end up on the same road. People who find true happiness have a few things in common. They learn to let go off petty things that seem much bigger otherwise. They learn to be content with something tangible they wanted but couldn`t get. They learn that it isn't enough to sacrifice something with a constant yearn for it, but to free the mind from it. They let the mind control their wants and not vice versa. It is human to yearn for more, but it takes a truly evolved human to learn to stop after one`s needs are fulfilled and let the bio-chemical state of happy hormones flow without external stimulus.

 To conclude the more we incomplicate ourselves the close we come to feeling blissful.