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Poem Written by - Sia Saxena

I peep through windows
I peep through doors
I watch the saddened
And light up their shores
I steal into the clouds and wander in the sally
I swim in the rivers
I run down the valley
I see the sleeping moss and mallows
Grass and ferns too
I wake up the wolves,owls and swallows
And lot of work I do
I spread the lusty silvery dust
I wander about the streets 
I go and come in a just
And rest where the sky and earth meets
I come and sing mingly song
Peace and contentment I preach
I return to where I belong
I chatter on an isle’s beach
I hear the brooks idly babble
I bring about the night
I slip and cross the golden pebble
And hide the world in quite 
-Sia Saxena