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Indian Foreign Policy Must Be Neighbour Friendly

India is on its way to become a global leader. Our country has been always productive and glorious since times immemorial. India is not only benefitted by the growing ‘CITIZEN POTENTIAL’, but also due to its geological position on the landscape.

The subcontinent has a trade and transport friendly position that enhances its ranking in the ‘GLOBAL TRADE SYSTEM’ Besides this, India also plays a crucial role in the global tourism as millions of tourists every year visit India and experience the glimpse of knowledge, generosity and golden heritage .

The role of neighbours is very important in the context of any developing country .These neighbours are a great source of protection as well as business enrichment. In such a scenario, formation as well as implementation of a neighbour friendly policy is a must. Such a policy will help us to tackle the overgrowing and deep-rooted terrorism as well as in de – fuelling all the Naxalites. But proper care should be taken to handle and deal with the incorrigible neighbours; it should be kept within focus that no measure should be included in the policy that can overstrain the internal political affairs of the country. Our foreign policy must possess cooperative measures that must be complementary with the foreign policy of other countries as well as the global policy. The provisions of our policy must not violate the provisions of neighbour’s policy otherwise this policy will become a source of intense conflict and violent.

It is time now that we must share the platform with neighbouring countries and coordinate with them. Such a relationship indeed will strengthen the economy as well as fame of our nation. It will initiate a platform for the showcase of new innovations and entrepreneurship. In this context we can also refer to ‘RUPAY CARD LAUNCH’ that was initiated in Bhutan by the honourable Prime Minister of India. Such a neighbour friendly policy will not only help to cement our ties but it will also give pace to young and bright innovators. As a whole a neighbour friendly policy will encourage the growth and development of our country. Such a progress will defy all boundaries … and our aim to become a world leader will be fulfilled….

“A nearby friend is a better help than a far living brother”

By: Lakshay Rajput

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