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Online Classes Views

The Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has forced schools and colleges across India to shut down temporarily. Several schools in the country have started providing online classes to help students continue their education comfortably from their homes. Besides completing the children's course, the doubts are also being cleared online.
Before this lockdown situation arrived, it was always a big-time debate around the subject which is the better option between online classes and traditional classrooms; directing multiple point of views towards the same, positive as well as negative.But this arrangement is very new to the school students as well as their parents. Most parents consider it as a problem for them. According to them, the responsibility has been piled on to the parents more than anybody else in the name of online education.They also complain that the teachers are not able to spare enough time to talk to each child separately. They feel that their children are now being addicted to technological devices which not good for their health.
Online classes help students to attend their classes without absenteeism. Also the students are getting proper and descriptive feedbacks, which help them to work upon. Group contact tends to be continually maintained in online classes and the main focus is always studies and no extra activities, whereas students in class always find a way to gossip and distract the class.This is a nice advantage for teachers and students.
The classroom environment has always proved to be essential to promote and stimulate collaborative learning. Collaborative learning increases a student's self-awareness about how other students learn and enable them to learn more easily and effectively, transforming them into keen learners inside and beyond classroom. Classroom discussions have always been fruitful and interesting. In classrooms there is no fear of technical issues, the class goes on smoothly, on the other hand, new learners and students who have not studied online before face a lot of issues technically.
I am also having all my classes online. My point of views is not different from others. I feel that they are nice as we are getting more time to work upon our thinking and enhance our answering skills. But like there is always a bask side of the coin, there are some reverse points too. Face to face conversations with teachers provide more clarity to the students, however now they are difficult to take place.
Anyways online classes are the only solution during this time period.

Vrinda Aggarwal

Today’s Scenario And Online Teaching

“Talk to people, connect with them. Make the e-learning sound like it’s a conversation between people. Real people, not robots.”
This is truly said by Cammy Bean and to make this quote right, teachers are playing a vital role in the existence of students, scholars, pupils, and learners. Someone has correctly said ‘If doctors are saving the world, then teachers are shaping the world’. This is very true because the next doctors and scientists are in the hand of teachers.
In today’s scenario, the Novel Corona Virus(COVID-19) has expanded its circle in Japan, Italy, America and finally spreading its routes to India. The biggest threat to our world is that we don’t have any vaccine for this disease. But it was important for mankind to regard and respect the nature because COVID-19 is directly or indirectly related to mistreat or ill-treatment of nature be-cause healing of earth is the healing of humans and destruction of nature is the destruction of mankind.
The era of the 21st century is often regarded as an era of technology. Technology, today, plays a very important role in our life. Technology has made accessing online classes very easy. Also, technology makes our work much easier and less time-consuming. But this is against the favor of teachers because they are spending hours and hours on gadgets to make the concept clear, easy, interesting, and interactive. Some people think, in online classes the teacher comes and delivers the lecture but the hard work and dedication in recording videos, creating PPT's, keeping records become blurred for the parents and guardian.
To sum up, we can say that on-line teaching is not such an easy task. Delhi’s high court al-so declared ‘Online teaching is not everybody’s cup of tea’ be-cause controlling and gaining the attention of a bunch of wild kids is a very difficult task.
Thank you.


No Aim No Life

Life - everyone has a life. Even insects, reptiles, and wild animals have life, but the most special life is the life of human beings. Why is the life of a human being so special? Some say that it is because we have brains. But that’s not true. Small insects like ants have brains to work hard for their future and even dogs have more brains than humans to be loyal. So, it is not just the presence of the brain. Human life is special because human beings can reason and have determination and goals in life. Other life forms do not have these special characteristics.
Setting goals or having an aim in life is very important in ones’ life, as it defines our identity and purpose in life. Without having an aim or goal, we are no less than insects and animals. Without aim, there is no point in living. All our daily activities, whether it be eating, sleeping, studying, working, or playing become meaningless.
We can also learn from the life of our gods, Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. They have specific aims and goals, and it defines their identity and purpose in life. Shri Ram’s aim is to kill Ravan and Shri Krishna’s aim is to kill Kansa to teach the meaning of love. And to fulfill their aims they both came to earth. Even gods have not done anything without aim or purpose. We should also learn to live with the aim and purpose in life and must not stop working even if we don’t achieve our aim very soon.
It is also like a hockey or a football match. The aim of the players is to put the ball inside the goalpost to score goals and win. If the players do not have such a target, the opponent will not like to play, and even the audience will not like to watch the game. Players will end up playing the game just for the sake of playing but without real purpose.
Besides having goals or aims, we also need to have determination, courage, patience, self-trust, and our own effort. Because, even if we have a goal or aim in life, there will be challenges and hardships for us to overcome to reach our goals like the players in the game who have to face the opponents and the challenges to score goals and win. It is also like climbing upstairs step by step to reach the top. We cannot reach it at one step. We must take small steps to reach our goal. We must be patient and determined; work hard and put our efforts to reach the goal. And we should not be discouraged when difficulties and hardships come. Only then we will be able to achieve or aims and goals in life.

Hardik Balani

Language and Behaviour

There are many people we meet in everyday life with the help of language and behaviour. The language and behaviour are two totally connected perspectives to look at communication we have. And it is very important that we develop these two characteristics in the right way to build a good environment. But it seems we are failing every day.

If we look in to the environment of school and classroom, students’ conversations are always connected to language and behaviour. While communicating, students decide their tone and manner before they speak out. They know that it is not good to use harsh words and harsh tone like the kind of conversation practiced by the street people. If students are not careful with their usage of language and their behaviour with their fellow classmates or teachers, then it can easily hurt their feelings and confidence. It can also cause the teacher to feel frustrated. But if student use their language properly and behave according to the discipline of the school, then it can help to build good relationship among students and between students and teachers.

Unfortunately, students nowadays are using disrespectful languages and practicing undesirable behaviour everyday which they learned from watching online videos, playing games and from people they meet in their daily life.
Everyday, many students are responding to teachers in disrespectful languages and bad behaviour when asked about their completion of assignment or task.
Students have no regrets or remorse for not doing their work. They even talk behind their teacher’s back using harsh words. It is very disappointing to see our everyday environment in school becoming worse.


Does She Really Deserve To Die?

We don’t need to use the word harassment, what is going today is sexual terrorism!!

Friends, just tell me that when India is becoming developed, is it really developing? The answer is NO. You know why? It’s because developing doesn’t mean becoming modernizing and upgrading to new technologies. Developing is basically upgrading everything whether it is technology or it is the mind-set.

If we do take a look on our past, we will find that girls were not having right to life. FEMALE FOETICIDE, the major problem at that time. OK! Now we can say that this anti-social activities do not exists anymore but still we can’t claim that “GIRLS DO HAVE RIGHT TO LIFE”. It’s clear that girls are to be killed in one or the other way! Earlier this was done through female foeticide and now through RAPE. Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of a girl’s life? The life of a girl is just like a toy. You know what I feel when I hear news about rape. The only thought that comes to my mind is FEMALE FOETICIDE is better than RAPE! Who is to be blamed for such anti-social activities? None but all are responsible we all are responsible for such misdeeds in one or the other way .if we would raise our voice, stand against all these, then I am sure that none of them can even dare to misbehave with girls! The only fault is ours. One step can change a lot of things. It’s just all about how much aware you are and how you behave to such news! Why only girls are blamed for this? Why they have so much of restrictions because of such stupid peeps? Why they don’t have complete freedom. Yes this is all because of this dark world. Who make the world darker?

Obviously we live here, so we do! Just change yourself, just stand against the dark, just raise your voice, and stop all others! And yes, it is the best truth that if we do change then nothing will be dark. Everything would be as bright as a candle burning in a dark room. The only thing needed to be done is change yourself and then see the world it would be the most beautiful one!

So, I would like to end this here and the only thing I would like to say is that:




By: Khyati Jain


Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, in simple terms, is simulation of human intelligence in machines which helps in improving the efficiency of our daily tasks. But, the machines can only act and react just like the way humans do once they have all the necessary information they need on them. AI has become increasingly abundant in technical systems around us - one of the most famous examples is our beloved Siri.

Even though initiating common sense, reasoning power and problem solving abilities in a machine is a tedious task - it definitely is not unachievable. And with current advancements in technology, there sure is a significant threat that grips the human society. And it's not coming from a layman - even Elon Musk feels so. And since he does, there might be something uncanny that exists about the technology.

The existent threat of AI is that it might replace human intelligence in future and result in some kind of global catastrophe. This is because it is the human brain and intelligence that makes us highly dominant among other species. If that is lost to artificial intelligence, we might lose it to machine (Matrix does not seem so much fun now, does it?). It might sound like some great climax of a sci-fi thriller but apparently, the machine intelligence explosion could be so unexpected and quick that we might not have time to cope up with it. Banning research is definitely not solution but working towards regulations and how to combat if artificial intelligence does surpass human intelligence.