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Leadership: Rises Power or Influence?

It is rightly said by John Maxwell that leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. Leadership is a tender subject because of attitudinal differences amongst humans. Power and influence has a very little difference in leadership. To lead a group isn’t that easy as it seems to be. Leadership qualities are not innate but it due comes with time. One has to carefully observe surroundings and inculcate values to lead a group, troop or a battalion on ground. 
These days mostly people focus on the power gained by a leader in a particular position. They forget that leaders are born to bring out changes in society. Leadership is about helping others and to achieve a certain goal with coordination. It is also about to be patient with team mates and to perform a given task to make influential changes rather than just focusing upon victory. No sin is greater than misusing powers to oppress and insult others. There are various strong examples from history where leadership is exemplified such as the great rulers from Mauryan Empire like ChandraGupta Maurya and The Great Ashoka. Their leadership qualities were so strong that they were able to win over their foes and influence their soldiers to unite and fight. They were never in need to oppress anyone to fight for their motherland’s pride.
Power is important in leadership but partially, so that one’s team complete its task in a certain period of time. It’s on a leader that whether he or she moves to positive side of autonomous leadership or negative side. Thus power can sometimes bring influence also and society can experience fruitful changes. Leaders and their leading capabilities are required in every round of corner whether it is Politics, Medical, Bollywood, Defense, Corporate, etc. One wrong move by leaders can snatch away everything on their way while one right move can provide everything they desired of in their results.
One must always remember that Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other!