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Glimpse of Result Day Ceremony At Holy world School

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The annual parent-teacher meet was held on 23rd March, 2019 in Holy World School to gives student's annual performance to their parents, Parents were given feedback on their ward's performance annually during class. It was a great interaction between the parents and the teachers to discuss their ward's performance and development. Particular strengths and improvement areas of ward's were also discussed with the parents.

Holy World School Learns About the Fundamentals of Journalism

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The Public Relations Officers and Student Journalists of Holy World School got an opportunity to learn about the vivid scope of journalism and its ethics. Ms. Bhavna Sharma, Assistant Editor at FairGaze Skills Pvt. Ltd. explained the responsibilities to be taken care of as a journalist. Students enjoyed the session and loved to learn about various forms of media, the writing style in newspapers and bulletins, their roles and responsibilities in FairGaze, etc.

Journalism Training at Holy World School, Arjun Park

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Journalism plays a vital role in today's era and students at Holy World School had a fruitful session on the role of Journalism and reporting. Both the students and teachers were actively engaged in the session and were taught about the significance of media in 21st century.

Listen to Ms. Preety Sharma, Principal of Holy World School

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Ms. Preety Sharma Principal of HolyWorldSchool tells about her philosophy of learning. She also adds that how she empowers teachers to be leaders and how every student feels that they are at their home in the school itself.