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Boost Creativity in Every Child

Children possess more creative brains as compared to adults. Their brains are open to high imagination and powerful ideas. Creativity lies in each and every cell of children. Therefore, all schools focus on art and craft to boost their imaginative power. Edward de Bono has said in his famous quote “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” The dare to look at things differently is high in children. Thus, parents and teachers should focus on creative lessons. It means all the education and learning process should take the way of creativity. 
Normal study methods do not give space to children to visualize more. It emphasizes more on cramming things and forgets about creativity while learning any subject. Education system needs nourishment with a dose of vitamin named creativity. For example, children should be made to learn difficult historical stories from the chapters of history via short movies. Another example is general knowledge can be made understood to children with the help of songs and music. This is how creative lessons are conducted for children. 
If every teacher adopts such creative teaching mechanism, then the day is not far when world is going to witness huge number of successful people. Creative lessons also help in bringing out hidden talent of children. If a child is not good in academics but while singing chapters, teacher can encounter with good singing potential. Here comes the importance of creative lessons in children’s lives. Creativity can turn a zero into hero. Therefore, creative lessons should be the upmost priority of every teacher or mentor.