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Athletic Sports Meet 2017

2017 is a year that will go down as a benchmark, comprising a plethora of successful events, courtesy of the students and teachers affiliated with Kalka Public School, and in particular, one of them is the recently held Athletic Sports Meet at the Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi. It was a beautiful day with the sun exerting its nitid brightness. The audience was filled with amped up spectators, including teachers, special guests, parents, etc. and was delighted to witness the impeccable physical skills of the participants at display. The participants were students of class VIII and were trained and honed by the finest teachers of KPS. A very notable segment of the event was performed by the VIII-graders and was entitled 'The Hoopla Drill'. With all intents and purposes fulfilled, the drill executed had lived up to its perfection and was labeled by most people in attendance as flawless. The performances put up by the students were lauded and extolled by the audience and the teachers behind those performances were singled out for credit for the discreet and austere preparations that went into making the entire event an overwhelming success. Overall, it was yet another successful event for our school and with this being said, this serves as an incentive for us to produce even more spiffing and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious events in the future.