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Becoming a Doctor

The occupation of a doctor is noble. He renders an important service to the anguish humanity. A Doctor is the symbol of hope and joy. The face of a man suffering from acute pain brightens as soon as the doctor arrives.

Medicine is among the highest paying and most prestigious professions in any country. If you are struggling with whether or not medicine is right for you, the first thing to do is take a realistic look at what it takes to get there and what is the job of becoming a doctor.

Many factors must be well thought-over when making the choice. Do you have the right personality to be a doctor? Do you have the perseverance to complete the training? Do you have the ability to get good grades? Are you a good test taker? Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get through medical school and residency? And finally, do you have a strong desire to help people?

Becoming a doctor takes time. Usually five years of undergraduate studies and then practice. That's an average of seven years from starting college to practicing medicine.

It takes a certain amount of intelligence, high-quality organization and good study habits to make a good doctor. Medicine is basically for those who can’t think of anything else.