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Climate Change – A Global Concern & Action Plan

“Pollution kills more people every year than wars, car accidents, and homicides combined.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface due to excessive amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, CFC (Chlorofloro - carbons), etc. Global warming is also denoted by an increase in the temperature of Earth's surface air and ocean surface. Scientifically the understanding of global warming was noticed by a reduction in ice and snow, change in the water cycle, rise in sea level, and climate change. The literature of these events coerced scientists to think seriously about the changing pattern. Global warming is an extremely serious issue.
Effects of global warming:- The emission of greenhouse gases from vehicle and emissions of CFC gas from air conditioners are creating a real danger for our globe. CFC gases are eroding the ozone layer. Holes are being created in the ozone layer and ultraviolet rays are passing through these holes and it is directly affecting us. The sea level is increasing. This will submerge the coastal region and thus it will make the coastal people homeless and a big economic loss will result. The land area of the countries having more coastal land will get impacted economically at a greater scale. Few islands will get vanished in the future.
The climatic shift is another big issue at the international level. The effect of global warming will not equal at all places. It will vary depending on various factors. The ocean current will change its direction. Natural calamities may result in the form of cloud burst, heavy rain, sometimes drought in many places. Agricultural productivity may also get a negative impact due to abrupt changes in climate. The overuse of natural resources at an increased rate is becoming unsustainable for the welfare of human fate and the future. The effects are going to be very serious after 50 or 70 years.
Climate Change and Global Warming Action Plan for India

1. Introduce a Carbon Tax - Capturing carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and planting trees could help slow and eventually reverse global warming trends.
2. Exponentially Increase the Deployment of Renewable Energy. Aggressively expand large-scale deployment of both centralized and distributed renewable energy including solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal to ease the strain on.
3. Develop a National Renewable Energy (RE) Policy. Enact and deploy a comprehensive new energy road map with innovative renewable energy policies.

4. Electrifying Transportation - Expedite a move to electrify transportation by encouraging expanded use of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids, and deployment of solar-powered EV charging stations around the country.
5. Promote energy efficiency in the economy, notably in industry, transportation, buildings, and appliances.
6. Aggressively invest in a smart, two-way grid (and microgrids). Invest in smart meters, as well as reliable networks that can accommodate the two- way flow of electricity.
7. Solar Roadways - India should also take advantage of the vast network of roads across India and the sun that beats down on them and turn them into energy-creating solar superhighways.

By: Prerak Singh Anita

Few Lines On Beach Painting

I love open sky
I love clean beach
I love sound of waves
I love watching sunrise and sunset
I love greenery around me
I love this nature
That God has gifted me.

By: Aarav gupta


Honorable soldiers you are the reason
We enjoy all season
You embrace death
To save us from death
You undergo so much pain
Of course, not in vain
We salute thee.

You leave your home alone
You fight to save our motherland
You fight to save our home

You sacrifice your lives,
Attaining martyrdom
Oh! Worthy Son of India
Her preciously attained freedom

At the first you are called soldier
Neither a father, nor a friend
Not a son or daughter
But a warrior at the end

You do not cry a single tear
for the pain you bear
Through the risk upon your way
I wish the god be with you
Each night and every day

By: Abhishikta Pal X-B

Ramjas School


I bow you mother earth
The ultimate epitome of sacrifice
Keeping hottest your depth
To help us live in comfort and mirth

You help us to stand, walk and dance
With least fear of falling
With no fear of losing balance
With no fear of imbalance

We are marching ahead in life
Living our lives fast and large
Sadly, we forget are Mother Earth
White exploding rocks for roads and mine
To satiate our selfish greedy gain.

Oh! Mother Earth
Not single word you utter
For the pain you suffer
For the pain you endure.

The interference of man with nature
Raises mother earth's temperature
She loses her patience
Leading to quake sensations
True mother, you cry in pain and fear
That you might lose your loved and dear

By: Abhishikta Pal X-B

Ramjas School R.K Puram

Poem on RAIN

The hungry earth and trees
Fed by the sky,
Trees boasting of diamonds
To the bright street lights,
Cool air accompanied by aroma of wet earth
Lifting my spirit high
Lightning and thunder
Conspiring is sly, to reward
The earth with cool rain sky

By: Abhishikta Pal X-B
School: Ramjas School R.K Puram

Poem on Green or Blue

Green or blue the colour that shines 
The colour that gives
A light in the darkness
Which shine bright as hope.
That’s the clue
They are mantra for our future
Green and blue the colour of the
Land and ocean across the global
That’s a clue
The magic spell of a bright future
Green and blue colour of
Our beautiful earth
This colour stand for the
Existence of life in the wide universe
That’s a clue
The mantra for the bright future
But mankind turn a blind eye to
These colours
And will soon suffer
So, please
Follow the mantra
As that green and blue are
Is the desired colour which you
Want to colour your future

By: Shubham Gupta, 10-b