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ATAL Community Day

Ramjas school R K Puram celebrated Atal Community Day on 14 April, 2018, by commemorating Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's birthday. Staying true to Dr Ambedkar’s philosophy and ideologies, Ramjas School R K Puram opened up their Atal Tinkering Laboratory (ATL) to all surrounding schools as well as local NGOs in order to give an opportunity to students who don't have access to these facilities.

 The chief guest for the day was Dr Ayesha Choudhary from Atal Innnovation Mission- NITI Ayog. School Principal Mrs Rachna Pant and Dr Ayesha Choudhary interacted and encouraged the children to think differently about problems, introducing them to the world of technology innovation and unlocking their innovative mind at a young age

 The program was attended by about 100 students and teachers from neighbouring schools Laxman Public School, Gyan Bharti school, Tagore International School, MM Public School and an NGO ‘DEEPALAYA’ associated with Ramjas  School ,R K Puram.

Various activities such as Newspaper Building, Scratch games, Mechanical kit building were conducted .Students were divided into mixed groups for all activities. The concept behind this was to bring the students to interact with other students from different backgrounds and thereby, create an atmosphere of empathy and an environment where the schools and the associated NGO –benefit from the exchange

Students got a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand what, how and why aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). 

The program was a huge success in meeting its objective and was very well appreciated by Dr Ayesha Choudhary and the participant schools. Students from all the schools were highly motivated and are looking forward to more such future associations.



The Earth Day Celebrations

On the prosperous occasion of the Earth Day, Ramjas School, R.K. Puram from the courtesy of the Eco club and some students of class 10 organized a special function to nurture and spread awareness among the young minds about the theme of ‘End Plastic Pollution' this year. The students organized several interesting competitions as well as some unique programs to make the young youth understand the importance and relevance of the Earth Day. The function started by imparting knowledge about the significance and history of the Earth Day celebration. After imparting the knowledge about the significance of the Earth Day, the results of the competitions were announced first of which was the Best out of Waste competition which was organized  to encourage the students to show their creativity and enhance their skills to make something innovative with some common yet eco-friendly materials which we think is a complete waste. Keeping the theme in mind the students also had a poster making and poetry competition. The students made magnificent posters depicting the ways to end plastic pollution. Poems were also recited both in English and Hindi to make the students realize the real importance of Earth Day. When anything is depicted by a picture or presented in an audio format, it leaves a deep impression in our minds and influence our soul to work for a good cause. This was followed by a skit with comical representation in a healthy manner by taking up a real-life situation which had the main theme of a plastic devil  giving a message as well as scaring the students not to throw plastic anywhere. The students by enacting the skit left a very influential and deep message about the disadvantages of throwing plastic. Last and the most important was the tree plantation ceremony which actually depicted our pledge to save mother Earth and influence the future generations to plant more trees for human survival.

This year’s Earth day celebration had everything in it. After the eloquent and persuasive posters had a  diverse  influence as an act of  scintillating slogans  and catchy cartridge sketches shaped a new vision for the future, it was now the turn for the little ones to show what they had. Their creative craft work from simple waste materials to an unimaginable miniature piece bolstered their ideas for nature and usable things build up from rags and plastics stood outspoken for everyone-The best out of waste competition results were declared and the winners- the little ones were  bestowed with cash prizes. Class X students were also given the golden opportunity to visit TERI - TATA ENERGY AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE, India's first sustainable building as a part of the Earth Day celebration's educational excursion trip . They presented a short report on their visit and the sustainable and energy conserving methods used in the TERI building.






New Nursery Orientation Programme

Ramjas School, R.K. Puram organized an orientation programme for the parents of Grade nursery on 3rd April, 2018 in the school lawn. The aim was to familiarize the parents as ‘partners in progress’ with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities.

The session started with a welcome note by respective class teachers.Parents were briefed about the various forms that are required to be filled.

The teachers gave an overview of the co-scholastic activities which provided the parents with an assurance that our curriculum involves hands-on learning activities which not only are a vent to the creative talents and energies of the children but also help in their all-round development.  The respective teachers gave detailed information about the learning parameters and stressed upon the innovative teaching and learning methodologies followed in school.

While addressing the parents, all nursery teachers emphasized that nursery follows  creative curriculum which offers children plenty of opportunities to exhibit creative behavior. Such a curriculum will emphasize on independent learning, self–initiated projects and experimentation. Today’s children must be given the chance to develop their creativity to the fullest.

The orientation programme was  ended on a good note with an aim of growing our children into happy, skillful and creatively well- adjusted citizens.


Students of Ramjas School, R.K. Puram participated in Tree plantation activity organized by Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and NDMC to plant 200 trees on Friday, 18th August 2017 at Bolivar Square, the crossing of Sardar Patel Marg with Simon Bolivar Marg under the slogan 200 Trees for India.

Students of class 6th were accompanied by sport’s teacher Mr Sanjay Singh and the other dignitaries of Venezuela embassy and NDMC planted saplings with great enthusiasm. This was in connection with the Earth Day celebration held on 22nd April in the Ramjas School where Mr Augusto Montiel, Ambassador, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was invited as a chief guest for the occasion. This activity promoted the importance of planting more and more trees to preserve the environment and balance the Eco-system.