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Scholars of the school

Mother's Day Cards

By: Dev Tokas

Class: 3C

By: Saanvi

Class: 3C

Poster Making by Ramjas Students

By: Siddharth Kaul

Class: 7b

By: Jayanti Rao

Class: IV- A

Meaningful Painting By Student of 5th Class

By: Aarav Gupta

Class: 5th 'B'

Poster on COVID-19

By: Mayank Singh

Class: 8th A

Zonal Level Cultural Competition for Students (2018-19)

1. Hindi debate (senior girls)

First prize (Lakshita 12B, Kashvi 11B)

2. Solo dance (kathak senior girls)

Third prize (Pihu 10C)

3. Solo table (senior boys)

First prize (Ayush 12A)

4. Solo table (junior boys)

First prize (Bhavesh 8C)

5. Drawing competition (junior)

First prize (Siddhant Sharma 6A)

6. Drawing competition

Senior boys (Devansh Kumar)

Third prize

Senior girls (Amrita Choudary)

Second prize

7. Poster making competition

Junior girls (Rashika Tokas 8A)

First prize

Junior boys (Mrinal Parida 8B)

First prize

Senior boys (Tushar Singh 9B)

Second prize

Senior girls (Saumya Tamta 10C)

Third prize

8. Painting competition

Junior boys (Vansh Trivedi 6C)

First prize

Junior girls (Aditi Bhandari 6A)

First prize

9. Painting competition

Senior girls (Shrabona Mondal 10C)

Second prize

10. Mono Acting Competition

Senior boys - Rubyansh (First Prize)

Senior girls - Suhani Mohan (Third Prize)

Arunima Khanduri: Class 12th CBSE Board Exam Topper

Arunima Khanduri from commerce stream topped the CBSE Board Exams of class 12th with 91.6%.