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Principal's Message

Dear future leaders,

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for”
The quote of FYODOR Dyostovatsky unfolds the very purpose of our existence on this earth and also compels us to introspect the quality and texture of our life. The quality of our life depends on our actions. Our actions depend on the ideals which guide and inspire as individuals in this world.
Despite excellent achievements in the field of science and technology, today eighty percent of the human race is suffering from problems like hunger, poverty, scarcity of water and electricity, unhygienic and pathetic living conditions. Due to climate change, environmental degradation, increasing terrorism etc World is standing at the brink of ravage. United Nations has declared 17 problems to be taken care of seriously and targeted to attain them by 2030. These goals are popularly known as ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. In order to stop the extinction of human species from this planet, it is the responsibility of each one of us to watch our actions and their impact on the sustainability of life on earth.
As a conscious human being adopt sustainable habits and pledge:
• I will make an effort in creating productive employment and job opportunities.
• I will not waste food.
• I will adopt a healthy lifestyle and practice yoga and meditation.
• I will respect people of all genders, caste, and religions.
• I will teach at least one deprived child in a year.
• I will not waste a single drop of water.
• I will walk or bike more in order to reduce carbon emissions.
• I will not buy unnecessary things.
• I will adopt vegetarian food habits.
• I will recycle and reuse my old cloths.
• I will plant at least one plant in a year and will take good care of it.
• I will not be arrogant and violent to anyone.
By adopting the above sustainable habits you will be able to upscale millions of lives.
Develop reverence for yourself and respect your small wise acts. You can be the crusader of the change and will become instrumental for the greater cause. Your quality actions will give significant meaning to your life and to all lives attached to you. Awake and infuse the world with your sustainable actions and positive energy.