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Creativity Is a Skill, Not a Gift!!!!

Creativity can no longer be limited to artists and inventors as it is a skill that can be acquired at any age and can be used for exploring informative ideas. All creative thinkers have three primary traits. First and the foremost is belief. Second, innovators are flexible in thinking even when they don't have to be. And the last but not the least is to explore themselves to new experiences and different viewpoints. For example, I have explored my interest in art and craft and cooking. For that I always wanted to be different from others and thought beyond others’ perspective. I have my own you tube channel (JK ALL IN ONE) for uploading my creative work, such as miniature kitchen recipes, explosion boxes, scrap file, quilling etc

Nature is the gift of God

Nature is the art of God.

It always wears the colors of the spirit.

Thus, just living is not enough.

One must have sunshine, freedom,

Healthy environment and

Should always remain lively.

Every human being is a flower

blossoming in nature.

Nature is not a place to visit,

It is our home.

Nature is the gift of God.

Jyotsana Surana VIII B