About Us

FairGaze founded in 2015 and about to finish 3 years in the business of Online Media Education and School Partnership Programs in 2018. Our key focus is not business but to help our students and the entire youth community to achieve their goals effectively as possible for a fruitful and luxurious career. Along with that we always want FairGaze team members to grow and achieve their career objectives. While empowering our key stakeholders, we continue to empower ourselves. We want to continue to achieve new levels of service excellence and hence we have decided to come up with helping the student community to find their dream destinations to study abroad. Our strength to go ahead and take this step is the community supporting us throughout our journey. We are associated with major universities/colleges in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and few more.

our experts

Mr. Piyush Nayak

Events and Production Head - FairGaze Group

Ms. Bhavna Sharma

Assistant Editor - FairGaze Group

Mr. Ranju R Pillai

Chief Relationship Officer - FairGaze Group