Among the leading school media and an engagement ecosystem for the school community, FairGaze works closely with school stakeholders. FairGaze is in constant engagement with school students wherever they are, in the school, in the playground, and the internet and currently engages with 350,000+ students across 1,300+ schools.

FairGaze consistently contributes to school community development through various CSR initiatives like the school co-hosted programs/webinars and special initiatives focused on social mobility and nation building like the development of NCC Training App recently launched by the Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh. FairGaze has also been championing the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Life-skills in Schools.

FairGaze conducts programs for school students focused on skill and holistic development. Students from across India participate in these series of programs delivered by 200+ accomplished mentors and professional domain experts on four key aspects:

1. Future Lifeskills
2. Creative Thinking
3. Wellbeing
4. Coffee with Counsellors

FairGaze works with schools to help manage their newsletter, deliver holistic development programs, promote the sports and cultural functions of the schools, recognize the achievements of the students, etc.

In addition to actively engaging with CBSE, NCERT, CII, PHDCCI, FICCI, and many others in the education sector, FairGaze also conducts research, studies and dialogues on issues that impact school community.

FairGaze is laser-focused on social impact activities and most of its activities have created significant social impact. The NCC Training app has already benefitted over 200,000 students and is expected to impact over 2 Million students across India. The 'Safe School, Safe Children' in support of Haryana Government campaign sensitized over 15,000 Principals across the state on mitigating challenges of online games and substance abuse.

The FairGaze Advantage

  • Media - Besides bringing curated news and events and school newsletter, FairGaze expands the horizon of awareness and instils journalistic skills in students.
  • Webinars/Workshops - 100+ Mentor-driven programs on conventional and new-age careers makes it a perfect blend for holistic development, talent grooming and new-age career discovery.
  • Social Impact - FairGaze has been championing the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Life-skill in Schools.
  • Brands - Bringing sponsorships and engagement activities with leading brand partners (Dabur, Decathlon, Fortis, etc).
  • Engagement IPs - Various Intellectual Properties (IP) to engage students and showcase their talents (FairGaze MUN, India As I See, Dazzling Talents, Student Journalist Hunt)


Empower students to discover their potential and succeed as responsible global citizens.


FairGaze strives to develop an ecosystem that allows children to expand their horizon of awareness, develop their innate talents and explore multitude of skills while ensuring their physical, social and mental wellbeing.


"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men". Frederick Douglass

Though we know that the future lies in our children, the children are the the most ignored segment of the society and have been denied their rights far too often.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)denotes that children are not just objects who belong to their parents, nor are children merely adults in training but are human beings with their own rights and should be protected, allowed to grow, learn, play, develop, and flourish with dignity. The CRC, the Millennial Development Goals, and the Sustainable Development Goals are aimed at ensuring better lives for children.

As pathways to career become more uncertain, young people need soft skills, digital literacy, critical thinking and presentation skills to navigate the fast changing commercial world.

The ability to adapt is the most important skill required in the new paradigm.


An extensive research-driven initiative by accomplished educationists,
child psychologists, careerists and counsellors.


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