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School Students Entrepreneurship Competition by E-Cell, IIT Bombay
School Students Entrepreneurship Competition by E-Cell, IIT Bombay

What is Eureka! Junior

Eureka! Junior is an entrepreneurial competition consisting of 6 phases for school students across India of two categories classes 6-9 and 10-12 for a total span of 7 months.

An initiative of E-Cell, IIT Bombay Eureka! Junior aims to promote entrepreneurship among school students for the bright future of our country.

This platform will not only help students to shape the business plan from idea to execution but will first introduce students to the basics of business, idea generation to enable them to shape the pitch and presentation better.

Business Plan Competition for School Students

Class 6th - 12th Login and register

Phase 01

Preliminary Workshops

Series of free online workshops in schools across the country to provide students with basic knowledge of entrepreneurship during the months of October, November and December. The duration of each workshop will be for 1.5 hours.

Phase 02

The National Entrepreneurship Olympiad

There will be a National Entrepreneurship Olympiad with two sets of question papers for each category (6-9 classes and 10-12 classes) with a maximum total marksof 50. The questions paper will be in the form of MCQs consisting of 45 questions and the duration of the Olympiad will 1 hour.

The details and sample question paper can be accessed by the students from the website. Top 10 performers from each category will be able to enter the semi-final of Eureka! Junior 2020. Top 100 students from each category will be awarded with Certificate of Excellence and Top 3 from each will also be eligible for cash prizes.

National Entrepreneurship Olympiad

Register Now.

Phase 03


Registrations will happen online through the website. The last date to register is 11th November 2020. Students can enter individually or in a team consisting of maximum 3 members. All the team members should fall in the same category of classes. Each team member must have a team leader. The registration will also include filling a questionnaire which includes the basic idea of their business plan. Also, all questions have to be answered and these answers can be changed anytime till the deadline of the registration. The answers submitted will be the basis on which the semi-finalists will be selected and contacted via email.

Phase 04

Preliminary Submission

The semi-finalists have to submit a pitch deck in the form of a ppt on the website using the team’s login credentials.The pitch deck should include what problem is being worked on, what is the need of the solution, what will be the approach to the problem, who in the team is working on which aspect of the problem.

Phase 05

Advanced Workshop

The Advanced Workshops will be held over the second and the third weekends in the month of December 2020 which will revolve around deeper understanding about the Business Model and Pitching. The attendees will be awarded with a ‘Certificate of Participation’ in Eureka! Junior 2020. With the knowledge gained in these Advanced Workshops, the semi-finalists will be allowed to submit a final edited version of their Preliminary Submissions.

Phase 06


The finalists will be invited to the E-Summit, a flagship event of the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay. The finalists will have to pitch their idea in front of a panel of judges, more guidelines of which will be communicated ahead of the Finale which will take place tentatively in January 2021.

Rewards, Perks and Benefits


Prize Money

Prize Money worth 2 lac.


Chance to meet

Chance to meet a keynote speaker in the E-summit, a flagship event of E-Cell



Certificate from E-Cell, IIT Bombay


Media Recognition

Media Recognition


Mentoring and Workshops

Mentoring and Workshops


Incubation Opportunities

Incubation Opportunities

Rules & Regulations

1. The participants can register in a team with a maximum of 3 members.

2. The participants must be from Classes 6-12. There are 2 tracks of Classes 6-9 and 10-12.

3. Any team from the track for Class 6-9 must have all team members only from Classes 6-9. The same rule applies for the track for Class 10-12.

4. Entries submitted after the deadline for Phase 3 will not be considered.

5. The team name cannot be changed after the deadline of Phase 3. However, any change in the name can be done in Phase 4 & 5 by bringing it to our notice, stating the Team ID.

6. Only the teams that qualify for Phase 4 are eligible for submitting their Pitch Deck.

7. Previous winners are not allowed to participate again in this year.

8. The Prize Money Distribution will be subject decisions of E-Cell IIT Bombay.

School Students Entrepreneurship Competition by E-Cell, IIT Bombay


  • 12th October, 2020

    Eureka! Junior Registration Open

    12th October

  • 14th October, 2020

    National Entrepreneurship Olympiad Launch

    14th October

  • 5th November, 2020

    National Entrepreneurship Olympiad Registration Deadline

    5th November

  • 7th November, 2020 & 8th November, 2020

    National Entrepreneurship Olympiad

    7th November

  • 11th November, 2020

    Eureka! Junior Registration Closing Deadline

    11th November

  • 14th November, 2020

    National Entrepreneurship Olympiad Result Declaration

    14th November

  • 18th November, 2020

    Semifinalist Declaration

    18th November

  • 9th December, 2020

    Preliminary Submission Deadline

    9th December

  • 1st - 12th - 13th December, 2020

    1st 2 days Advanced Workshop


  • 2nd – 19th - 20th December, 2020

    2nd 2 days Advanced Workshop


  • 5th January, 2020

    Pitch Deck Submission

    5th January

  • 20th January, 2020

    Finalist Announcement

    20th January

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