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Sudha Acharya

The need of the hour is for women of today is to galvanize momentum to identify life solutions; drive change , to brace themselves for the new era, backed by technology, automation and globalization. Women today should deepen their existence by carving a path with equal access to education, health care, political representation, economic participation, inputs in decision-making – all these which are fundamental requirements to fuel holistic growth, to catalyze action and global change benefiting humanity at large.

Ms. Sudha Acharya
Principal, ITL public School
rachna pant ramjas

Women’s Day has become another pilgrimage where we pay homage to women of the world. Facilitate the successful and empathize with those struggling. What we need to do is, first provide a safe and equal world. We need to ensure an equal society not the gender tilted or oriented. We would have arrived when we talk of a universally safe society which doesn’t look at anyone as weak. The talk should be beyond genders now

Ms. Rachna Pant
Principal, Ramjas School
meenakshi Indira

Women, the most beautiful creation of God! The angel on the earth makes our life a wonderful experience all together. Imagining life without a woman is quite hard-hitting. The woman shakes the cradle with one hand and the earth with other hand. I wish all the wonderful ladies a Happy woman's day.

Ms. Meenakshi Saxena
Principal, Indira Gandhi Senior Secondary School, Gurgaon.
Sumati Gyan

I believe the women is the real architect of the society. Each woman in her has the Shakti -the power to fearlessly face all challenges that come her way. She is not only the epitome of beauty but she is the actual strength, support and inspiration for strong foundation. I salute to each woman on this women’s day for possessing the skill to face adversities with a smile.

Ms. Sumati Anand
Principal, Gyan Mandir Public School

I raise my voice not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. ... We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” - Malala
There was never a time more crucial then now for women’s voices to be heard loud and clear across the world.If we look at our own country the representation and presence of strong women at the fore could be the perfect solution to successfully achieve the required results. More power to women.

Mr. Geoff Jonathan
CEO , Apex Public School
glenda clark

For me, the power of being a woman is being yourself and making your mark in the world whilst treating everyone with equity, empathy and erudition.

Ms. Glenda Clark
Manager, UAE Debate Team
swarnima Luthra

Every day is Women 's Day!! As only a woman has the patience to listen, willingness to understand, the power to care, a heart that can share. That is what makes every woman the most unique and beautiful person of this Universe!! Wishing all the women the Force and Power to rule and conquer the World!! Happy Women 's Day to All the wonderful women !!!

Ms. Swarnima Luthra
Principal, ASN Sr. Sec. School

Let’s celebrate the elegance of womanhood. You are an inspiration and the real architects of our society. This women’s day, let’s spread the word: Equal rights and equal opportunities leads to progress for all. As it is well said “Educate a man and he will take care of himself. Educate a woman and she will take care of the whole family”. I salute the power of a women and their incomparable sacrifices they made every day. My best wishes to all women, wishing you success and prosperity in all your endeavours. Happy Women’s Day!!!

Mr. Syed Masood
MD, Heritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM)

Though we celebrate 8th March as International women's day, I feel that every day becomes a special day with the presence of women - this wonderful creation of God. Women a unique combination of strength and beauty. If a woman is happy, she not only radiates happiness in the smallest and most important social unit....her family, but also across the entire society at large...So dear friends, start your day with a smile to make this world a better and happier place to live in. Every day will be special, if women live it and love it. Let us be proud of being a women and bring joy to this world.

Ms. Mary Sabu
Former Principal & Motivational Speaker

If life is a rainbow, the women are the colors of it. It's Women's day! So Feel special and unique on the top of the world! Not just today but every day! The ladies in our lives hold a special place in our hearts, and without them, we would not have the dreams and happiness we do. It is a privilege to celebrate international women's day

Ms. Urvashi Goel
HOD, Heritage Institute of management & Communication

I am a Woman! I understand my responsibility towards my rights. I appreciate my freedom towards my choice. I respect my independence towards my decisions. I cherish my dreams towards my success. I admire my love towards my relations. I acknowledge the support from my fellows. I am proud to be ‘GENERATION EQUALITY’ Happy Woman’s Day!

Ms. Minakshi Khurana

“If we educate a boy, we educate an individual. But if a girl is educated, one family is educated” I firmly opine that girls are the backbone of the society and I am glad that today we see a huge change in the mindsets of individuals especially the young generation, who see women as their competitor in almost all fields. Today’s women is not only educated but are leading in all arenas of workspace. The only concern that haunts is the rising concern for women safety. While on one side we see many individuals taking upfront to ensure that women are safe while on the contrary there still exists people who consider women an object. I believe education is the only medium via which we can expect the change in the thought process. We as educators are addressing these concerns with our students and are sensitising both boys and girls to respect opposite gender and treat everyone equally. Government initiatives of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao , introduction of self-defence classes at school for girls, promoting health and hygiene sensitisation programmes at school level have definitely given a direction to work on. I feel happy that slowly but prominently women are getting recognition in the society today. Iconic personalities like Smt. Pratibha Patil from politics or Sakshi Malik, Paralympic athlete, or Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi co. all have contributed in raising the stature of women in society. On this Women’s Day, I wish that every individual Women receives respect. Wishing everyone a very Happy Women’s Day.

Ms. Neha Gupta
PGT English, Bal Bhavan Public School

The women need to be their authentic self and live life celebrating the innate human spirit that makes them the force to reckon with inside the home and outside in the word. When a women follows her purpose and calling she is making a world a better place and nurturing herself and the world. World is in dire need to feminine energy of love and grit .

Ms. Eitu Vij Chopra
Cofounder/ Mission Leader / Chief Curator at REX - Ideas for Action
rachana sudheen

I am an entrepreneur, social worker, spiritual healer shared according to me every woman should take out time for herself, for her mental and physical fitness also it can be accomplished by practising yoga, exercise and meditation. Behind every successful woman is Herself. Have a wonderful International Women's Day!

Ms. Rachna Sudheen
Entrepreneur, Social worker & Spiritual healer

International Women's Day is a call to foster an equal world, which is also an enabled world. Gender inequality cuts across all inequalities including social, economic and political. Recognizing the criticality of gender issues, the United Nation's has recognized Gender Equality as a standalone goal (Goal 5) among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable Development Goal 10 is a standalone goal to reduce inequalities in all its forMs. The two goals together, reflect the intent and priority given by the UN to the achievement of gender equality in reducing inequalities in all forMs. As per the UN's reports, legal discrimination, unfair social norms and attitudes, low level of political participation, decision making on sexual and reproductive issues are undermining the achievement of Goal 5. It is the duty of all to ensure that all forms of discrimination and violence stop against women. Equal ownership, access and opportunity are critical to achieving the goal. This International Women's Day I commit myself to take all possible steps and contribute to achieving full and active participation of women and equal opportunities of leadership at all levels of decision making. I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all women for their dedication and commitment to transform our lives and our societies. Their ability to undertake all responsibilities under all circumstances needs recognition. Let no girl face denial of quality education, health, clean water, nutritious food, optimum hygiene, sanitation and opportunities. Ashok K Pandey is the Chairperson of the Council for Global Citizenship Education and the Director of Ahlcon Group of Schools

Mr. Ashok K Pandey
Director, Ahlcon Group of Schools,Delhi

Women ,as we call in Sanskrit स्त्री is the expansion of all forces required to create, to maintain and to sustain this universe. On this International women day I would request everyone to start their day with a deep breath and a conscious sense of the immense support and unconditional love extended to you by any one women around you in any role. You will have the smile on your face and spirit to face all challenges of life with courage.

Ms. Anita Sharma
Principal, S.D. Public School, Pitampura

Women are 'Shakti' for themselves and for mankind. While we realize our inner strength and nurture it, we must understand that men too have the strength and 'Shaurya' and we should appreciate and help, however possible. The best support comes from respecting all, irrespective of differences of gender, caste, region or religion. Empathy is the second quality that helps us understand the viewpoint of others. Happy Mankind Day!

Ms. Nita Arora
Co Learner, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka