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About FairGaze’s Social and Emotional Learning Program (SELP) For Students

Social and emotional skills help students in managing emotions. Students’ behaviour has a lasting positive effect on them throughout their life, enabling them to cope with emotional stress, changing environment, be resourceful to solve problems, and adapt to diverse circumstances. Multiple types of research around the world demonstrate that SEL positively impacts academic performance, mental wellness, positive relationships, and much more.

FairGaze Social and Emotional Learning Program (SELP) is specially designed to meet the mandates of NEP 2020 and various Education Boards that underline the importance of Social and Emotional Learning to ensure the holistic development of students.

SELP facilitates educational equity and enables school-family-community cohesion that ensures consistent learning environments, experiences, and trusting relationships. The SELP also encourages the growth of students to be good human beings capable of rational thought and action and demonstrating compassion and empathy for others.

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Unique value propositions

  • Provide opportunities for students to explore their interests; discover their strengths, and find the confidence to succeed in life after school.
  • Empowering students with future-ready skills
  • Nurturing students to be responsible citizens of the future through active participation in achieving UN-led Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Programs in partnership with institutions like UN, IITs, etc.
  • Community development activities in collaboration with leading NGOs.

Exposure to Diverse Skills and Potentials

FairGaze SELP is geared to assist students to manage emotions, engage better with others, learn relationship skills, take responsible decisions and generally become more confident and self-aware global citizens. The SELP includes the following:

Activity Units Advantages Cost
Creative Thinking Workshops 4
  • SEL workshops by experienced mentors
  • List of 100+ relevant topics to choose from
  • Support innovation, encourage problem solving and improve morale by nurturing creative thinking
  • Equip students with skills and knowledge that help them to plan their future better to be successful in their adult lives
  • Build focus on Mental, Physical and Emotional well-being of students
  • Counselling students to better express and manage emotions
  • Provide information to develop right strategies to achieve career goals
Future Life Skills Workshops 4 600
Wellbeing Workshops 4 600
Counselling Workshops 4 600
SDG Campaigns 3
  • Foster awareness and understanding of UN's Sustainable Development Goals in students
  • Highlight the need for immediate, sustainable actions
  • Help students to be aware of individual actions having global consequences
  • Exposure to community activities and experiences to make students more empathetic and caring

What is SEL in Education?

Social-emotional learning is a methodology where we help students of all ages manage their emotions, feel those emotions, and exhibit empathy for others. This learned positive behaviour can be used to help them make responsible decisions, become self-aware, build healthy relationships with others and achieve their goals.

The Five Social Emotional Learning Competencies

According to significant social and emotional learning research, there are five core competencies that can be applied in both the classroom, at home, and in students communities. These core competencies include:

  • Self-awareness: To identify your emotions and know how they impact your behaviour. Acknowledging these strengths and weaknesses will guide your responses.
  • Self-management: To become responsible for your own emotions, thoughts, and actions in various situations and work towards those goals.
  • Social awareness: The ability to put yourself in other people's shoes that are different from you. To ack with kindness, empathy, and in an ethical manner in all situations.
  • Relationship skills: The ability to build a healthy relationship with people from various backgrounds. The ability to listen to others and effectively communicate your message.
  • Making responsible decisions: The act of deciding how to respond to situations based on learned behaviour. Thinking of consequences before taking any action.

Benefits of Social And Emotional Learning Program For Students

FairGaze SELP program helps students process and integrate their emotional social skills in school. The program will offer the following benefits to students:

Academic success

Strong social and emotional skills help in improving the academic performance of students. By developing the "soft skills" of the students, the SELP program has demonstrated improvement in students attitudes towards school and, as a result, increased their performance in the classroom.

Minimal behavioral problems

FairGaze SELP teaches students how to express their voice and anger appropriately. This exercise helps in preventing them from acting inappropriately and damaging relationships. Students following the SELP program are less aggressive and disruptive in school.

Less emotional distress

Our SELP program improves the student’s inhibitory control, planning, and ability to transition from one task to another. Students are encouraged to practice new behaviours in the SELP program, which helps in developing stronger self-regulation skills. Children following the FairGaze SELP program show fewer depression, anxiety, stress, and social withdrawal occurrences.

Positive social behavior

With the help of our SELP program, students can get along better with others. The program helps in building social interaction skills and self-knowledge-all the tools necessary to maintain positive and proactive relationships with others. Social and emotional learning can be developed through a program where students can learn- mostly through experience, observation, and direct guidance. FairGaze offers student’s an incredible opportunity to carve a bright future.

Social and Emotional Learning in Schools Positively Impacts Mental Health of Students and Their Adult Life

The recent report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) revealed that more students ended their lives in 2020 than in any previous years, contributing 8.2% of suicides, significantly more than the farmer suicides of 7.4%.

How can these precious lives be saved in future? How can such high-risk behavioural patterns be prevented?

Research has shown that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) promotes positive mental health in students. SEL helps cultivate a rational sense of self-protection with improved attitudes about self and others - factors that buffer against mental health risks. In many ways, SEL helps in reducing emotional distress and risky behaviours in addition to building a strong individual personality.

FairGaze strongly believes that mental health not only helps students to be mentally and emotionally balanced but also enables students to learn better. FairGaze works closely with the schools to empower students with SEL through its multi-faceted student engagement programmes.


Why is SEL important for Educators

Social and Emotional Learning helps students in managing emotions and their behaviour, has a lasting positive effect on them throughout our life, enabling them to cope with emotional stress, changing environment, be resourceful to solve problems and adapt to diverse circumstances. Multiple researches around the world demonstrates that SEL positively impacts academic performance, mental wellness, positive relationships, and much more.

Researchers have found that students from kindergarten to high school significantly benefit from school-based, universal SEL interventions. This meta-analysis, evaluated results of nearly 97,500 students in 82 schools in the US.

The study shows that 3.5 years after their last SEL intervention, students fared markedly better academically than their peers in control groups by an average of 13 percentile points. Additionally, researchers saw that conduct problems, emotional distress, and drug use were much lower for students with SEL exposure than those without. The study also indicates that—regardless of race, socioeconomic background, or school location—students showed significant positive benefits one year post-intervention. This finding suggests that SEL interventions can support the positive development of students from diverse family backgrounds or geographical contexts.

A pioneering research by Columbia University details a benefit-cost analysis show that for every 1 $ spent on SEL, there is an average return on investment of 11 $. Until this research there has been little or no data to show educators/ policy makers and grant givers the economic benefits of SEL.

Known benefits of SEL studies include:

  • Reduction in child aggression, substance abuse, delinquency and violence

  • Lower levels of depression and anxiety

  • Increased grades, attendance and performance in core academic subjects

School Campaign Calendar 2024-25

SN. Name of the Campaign Date Duration SDG
1 Earth Day 22 Apr'24 One Day Webinar Campaign (22 Apr ) SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)
SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy)
SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production)
SDG 13 (Climate Action)
SDG 14 (Life below Water)
SDG 15 (Life on Land)
2 World Menstrual Hygiene Day 28 May'24 One Month Campaign (1 May to 31 May) SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing)
SDG 4 (Quality Education)
SDG 5 (Gender Equality)
SDG 6 (Clean water and Sanitation)
SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth)
SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production)
3 World Environment Day 05 Jun'24 One Day Campaign (05 Jun ) SDG 13 (Climate Action)
SDG 14 (Life below Water)
SDG 15 (Life on Land)
4 World Mental Health Day 10 Oct'24 One month Campaign (1 Oct to 30 Oct) SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing)
5 Climate Action Campaign Nov'24 One month Campaign (Nov’23) SDG 13 (Climate Action)
6 International Day of Education 24 Jan'25 One Month Campaign (1 to 31 Jan'24) SDG 4 (Quality Education)
7 World Water Day 22 Mar'25 One week Campaign (22 Mar to 28 Mar) SDG 6 (Water and Sanitation for all)

INDIA AS I SEE contest - a pan-India two-month contest is organized in July and August every year, to nurture a feeling of patriotism in school students across classes 1 to 12.

How SEL helps prevent Bullying

Research has shown that building social-emotional competence in students is an important component of effective bullying prevention.

Empathic concern and positive feelings and attitudes toward peers make students more likely to intervene to stop bullying (Nickerson, Mele, & Princiotta, 2008; Rigby & Johnson, 2006/7), and bullying behaviour is much less likely to occur if not supported by peers (Salmivalli, Voeten, & Poskiparta, 2011).

1- Taylor, R.D., Oberle, E., Durlak, J.A., & Weissberg, R.P. (2017). Promoting positive youth development through school-based social and emotional learning interventions: a meta-analysis of follow-up effects. Child Development, 88(4), 1156–1171.

2- Belfield, C., Bowden, B., Klapp, A., Levin, H., Shand, R., & Zander, S. (2015). The economic value of social and emotional learning. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 6(3), 508–544.

3 Smith, B. H., & Low, S. (2013). The role of social-emotional learning in bullying prevention efforts. Theory into Practice, 52(4), 280–287.