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CONFLUENCE is a not-for-profit group set up by FairGaze Skills Pvt. Ltd. It is an assembly of policy makers and influencers with insights into the field of education, and also of resource mobilisers, infra planners and opportunity creators from the field. CONFLUENCE strives for developing a system of education that could serve India through the better part of the century. It will set into motion a chain of events leading up to the much needed reforms in children’s education.


To facilitate a community where every child excels in education imparted.


Identify opportunities for improvement in education through collaborative engagement and deliberations.

Confluence Members

The best people will always strive to make it happen. The people of eminence from different domains and
different countries will work around the objectives, innovation in education, presenting myths and realities
of current education, adopting multi-disciplinary approach, etc.


Educational Reforms

This will broadly include teaching and curriculum reforms including learning and development.

Cultural Exchanges

Study and promote international cultural-exchange and exposure-led learning.

Mentor-Driven Education

Focus on interest and talents based education.

Holistic Wellness

Deliberate and devise strategies on safety and security of students both at school and at home.


The beliefs of CONFLUENCE will help to benchmark the best educational practices ever. The commandments will prepare a
ground for innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs and a new generation of men and women with the
bandwidth and wherewithal to meet the challenges before the country and world.

Students are

All the children are special and we should help them in bringing out their best talent for life and career. We believe in helping children to be pioneers in their field of passion.

Knowledge is to be Shared

We believe in creating a platform where knowledge-sharing is voluntary, acknowledged and revered.

P Development

We believe in the holistic development of a child, to nurture a child’s soul, mind and body by discovering innovative ways of teaching.

Improvement at
PEvery Step

To improve continuously with the rapidly changing world is essential. Contribute our might to work towards improving teaching methods and education ecosystem.