Career Counselling
for Students

Are you a student and confused about the direction where your career is heading? Our career counselling services for students are led by experts at assessing your aptitude, personality, interests, and other important aspects. Our student's psychometric test helps you gain insights about your personality and what you can do to improve yourselves to achieve the success you desire.

Our Online Career Counseling for students helps you pick the right career options after 10th class and the best career option after 12th class. We provide you access to the resources and knowledge of career experts and career professionals.

Career Counselling for Students for school students for best career options

Based on your specific needs, we offer personalized career counselling services for students. Take the FairGaze Career Counselling Test to discover your strength, interests, aptitude, along with the best career options matching your personality. Our career counselling services range from technology-enabled evaluation to specialized expert-based career counselling.

Get the knowledge and insight to overcome challenges relating to your career. Don't procrastinate and act now. Our counsellors understand the students in the Indian context having conducted lakhs of tests across India and steer students towards the correct direction of career so that they excel in it. Take the FairGaze Career Counselling test and break the chain of confusing thoughts. The right career path is right in front of you with right career guidance service!

Your Source to Personalized Career Counselling

  • Tailor-made Career Roadmap from Career Guidance Experts: Get access to several career options after 10th class and career options after 12th class.
  • Detailed Plan of Action: Know about different colleges, courses, entrance tests, and careers worldwide and how you could get admission.
  • Your Strength and Weakness Identification: Take the psychometric test to analyze your personality.
  • Concrete Strategy: Clear your doubts with career counsellors regarding various streams and courses after 10th and 12th class and how you can direct yourself to the best career path.
  • Step-by-Step Career Planning and Guidance: Our Career Counsellors evaluate and analyze in detail how you can chart your career path through our Online Career Counselling Service.
  • Exploration of Relevant Career Opportunities: Choose the right career from over 600 career options.
  • Mapping Various Career Trajectories: Know how your career could shape after taking the right option.
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How We Evaluate Students?

Our students’ career counselling test, also known as psychometric tests are based on universally accepted career test theories on Interest, Personality, Aptitude, and Motivation assessments. Our panel of career counsellors, psychologists, and research team have fine-tuned the career guidance test to the best of global standards.

The careers assessment report is easy to comprehend by students in the 10th or 12th class, making it easier for them to take action accordingly. The psychometric test is further refined and updated regularly by the experts keeping in mind the changing dynamics and education curriculum.

The Psychometric Career Guidance Test evaluates a candidate based on the following criteria:

Interest Based Assessment Aptitude Based Assessment Personality Based Assessment Motivation Based Assessment
Realistic Artistic Investigative Social Enterprising Conventional Numerical Ability Clerical Ability Spatial Ability Closure Ability Psychomotor Ability Mechanical Ability Reasoning Ability Verbal Ability Factual Deliberate Assertive Gregarious Spontaneous Imaginative Passive Solitary Money Respect Freedom Stability Leisure Leadership Interest Challenge Service

How FairGaze Career Counselling Help You?

Unlike other career counselling services, FairGaze students’ psychometric tests offer objective advice that puts you on the path to success. If you are confused about your career options after 10th class and career options after 12th class, we genuinely help you steer to the perfect course that can help you fulfill your potential.

Our online career counseling for students involves streams selection, course, and college recommendations based on your aptitude, interests, profile, preferences, and the career trajectory you want to take. Our counselors recommend solutions keeping in mind the student’s interests at its core.

We help you with:

  • Understanding the career options after 10th, career options after 12th, and how you can pursue it.
  • Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses concerning your present course or stream and let you know what career would be most suitable for you.
  • Giving you a platform to voice your opinions and views about what you would like to pursue as well as discuss the obstacles that they may be stressed about.
  • Transitioning from one field to another in a non-stressful manner.
  • Gaining the confidence that will be required to change their domain or course with the support of an experienced mentor.

Talk to our professional counselors and mentors to discover how we can help you find the right course and college. Our services are economical and valuable, which will help you in your future success.

Why is FairGaze Career Counseling
Services the Right Choice for You?

We are happy to share that FairGaze counsellors have worked with over thousands of students from more than 14,000 schools. Our career guidance for students has been recognized and acknowledged by reputed career counselors in India.

FairGaze Career Counseling for students consists of talented professionals who come together with the same school of thought to provide exceptional career counseling services in India. Our career experts help students assess their perfect career fit by using psychometric assessments to evaluate their potential.

Our online career counseling and career guidance test helps the students in knowing their inherent strengths. Our experienced and qualified career counselors will answer your questions and clear any doubts in an educative and informative session and offer you optimum support to help you pursue a career that is right for you.

Why Take FairGaze
Psychometric Test

Hard work leads to success is more of a myth, while the reality is putting efforts in the right direction leads to success. Efforts lead to success, but only if you know your area of strength. Discover your strengths and work on them to taste success.

Most students feel they know what is good for them. But the percentage of students who are aware of their true potential is rare.

This test will indicate the right career option based on your potential and personality. Even if the suggested career does not match with your desired career, this test will you help you look at options. Most important, career counseling helps you to recognize your weak areas which you need to improve to perform excellently in your desired career.

This test is able to recognize student career skills, career interests, and choices and how they can forge their career path.

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