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(Career Counselling for Students)

Are you worried about your career after 12th? Are you still undecided about choosing the right stream for your career after 10th? Did you match your personality with your dream career? Should you choose standard maths or basic maths? If not, check it out with the Career Wizard Test (CWT). This comprehensive test is all about you and you don’t need any subject knowledge to give this test. There is no wrong answer. The questions will help you discover your strength, interests, aptitude along with the three best career options matching your personality. Career Counselling for Students act as  Career Counselling for Students, which helps in identifying the hidden talents and interests.

Our online Career Counselling for Students helps the students measure their skills, talents and ability that assist the students in selecting the right career for them.

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Career Counselling for Students for school students for best career options

Psycometric Test

Choosing a career option that is the right fit for you will always make you successful and happy. The better you know yourself, the better career you choose. That’s where CWT comes up with a test designed by professionals after analyzing one lakh students of similar age group.

The test is curated with questions to give an insight into your strength, how you behave, what are your weaknesses, and your capacity to perform in certain roles. It will help you to choose your career path depending upon your capabilities, potentials, interests and motivation.

Most students feel they know what is good for them. But the percentage of students who are aware of their true potential is rare.

The test will indicate the right career option based on your potential and personality. Even if the suggested career does not match with your desired career, this test will you help you look at options. Most important, CWT helps you to recognize your weak areas which you need to improve to perform excellently in your desired career.

Hard work leads to success is more of a myth, while the reality is putting efforts in the right direction leads to success. Efforts lead to success, but only if you know your area of strength. Discover your strengths and work on them to taste success.

If you are worried about your  career after 10th , you should take the FairGaze Career Wizard Test so that you can find out which stream is better for your career and future according to your skills, interests and ability. These tests assists in career counselling for students , where helps the student to check if their choice of stream is aligned or if will lead to avoidable stress and anxiety. 

Similarly, if you are worried about your career after 12th , taking Career Wizard Test which includes the student’s Career Counselling for Students steers you towards a better career choice. The test is able to recognize student career skills, career interests, and choices and how they can forge their career path.

A student’s Career Counselling for Students is accurate and reliable and provides the scientific approach to career counselling for students. Our Career Wizard Tests understand the students in the Indian context having conducted lakhs of tests across India and steer students towards the correct direction of career so that they excel in it.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Students from 8th Std to 12th Std eligible for this assessment.
  • Session duration will be approx 45 minutes.
  • Presence of one parent/guardian mandatory as and when required by FAIRGAZE counsellor.
  • Counselling Sessions, if opted for, will be intimated in advance or you may call the FAIRGAZE helpline numbers to schedule.
  • Payment terms: 100% advance payment.
  • Refunds and discounts are not applicable.
  • Taxes applicable as per norms.
  • Quality of service can’t be guaranteed if the student continues to miss the prescheduled counselling sessions.
  • For any additional request for session, additional charges will be applicable:
    • Face-to-face Meeting : Rs.1,000/- per meeting (45 mins)
    • Online Skype/Telephonic call: Rs. 500/- per Video Chat (45 mins)
  • Reports will be generated within 72 hrs.

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