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Together we create an empowered community of purposeful learning that focuses on the holistic development of body, mind and spirit of students.

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FairGaze App: Student's Gateway To
Skill Development And Training


The FairGaze App for school students is a complete communication solution for education news, skill development trainings, events, webinars, school contests, engagement programs and career planning in a single App!


FairGaze App is the hub for the school community of students, teachers and parents to stay engaged with school news and latest updates on the school ecosystem which includes CBSE, NCERT, Ministry of Education, CISCE, etc.


The One-Stop App For Schools News And Skill Development Trainings

FairGaze App brings news, skill development, training session, school contests, videos and engagement programs for the school community of students, teachers and parents for talent discovery and career planning.

This free app, launched in both Android and iOS, engages school students, teachers and parents as an ecosystem to expand their knowledge with relevant information and programs for their holistic development and training.

Install now on your mobile phones; we are just a click away!

The Objective Of FairGaze App - School News, Updates

Our acclaimed mentors deliver school skills development programs for career planning, skill development, training and education, keeping in mind the five objectives:

  • Keep You Updated: Our School Students App delivers news, events, schedule, policy updates taking place in school ecosystem across India, thus reducing the trouble of having to research for updates from multiple locations. It ensures that every student and parent is updated about the vital information in their schools.
  • Boost Student and Parent Engagement: News, curriculum updates, skill development training programs, contests and engagement programs for students brings both students and parents in sync.
  • Learn Future Life Skills: Take on the world by learning new life skills through e-training and development to face the future responsibly and with full confidence.
  • Enhance Creative Thinking: Amplify your imagination by bringing your creativity and innovative ideas to the table by engaging in training sessions, school contests and career planning.
  • Promote Wellbeing: Engage with our counsellors to discuss various childhood issues such as loneliness, mood swings, anxiety and depression. Get advice on stress management for student's overall mental, emotional and physical health.

FairGaze Skill Development
And E-Learning Program

Our skill development program for students stimulates the brain to metabolize the inquisitive-mind, unleashing a new perspective actively. The App has been developed, keeping in mind the various interest areas of students assist in determining the career path of a child. Let your child soar high in the sky by providing an interactive learning experience.

Customized app for your child's learning and development. Being connected to the school via FairGaze School News means you can be certain you'll never miss out on any crucial information.

Filter out the news using categories to see only the news you need to know about. Our App and FairGaze Training programs have been created to help reduce the gap not just between the students and the educators but also among parents and the teachers. We enable students and parents to be kept in the loop of every event, schedule change, or announcement.

If you are looking for some newness in the universe of learning, the Fairgaze Skill training e-learning Program provides students an opportunity to learn new things. Add the feel of novelty, an element of fun and involvement in your learning process through games, school contests, puzzles, or other challenging tasks. In addition, to the above benefits, students can also participate in career guidance programs, student-teacher workshops, national-level contents, MUNs (Model United Nations), debates, etc.

Our skill development network ensures that systematic learning becomes the next big thing. Our app-based learning ensures smart and systematic learning. FairGaze Training programs are arranged in a systematic way that it becomes possible for students to go with the flow without even realizing it.

Unlike school, Fairgaze open learning program is available round the clock. Skill development courses online are not time-bound learning, its relaxed learning. We promote child-friendly control, which can easily be used by children.

Join India's largest community of students, teachers and parents to engage with different stakeholders. Voice your concerns and opinions on topics related to education, career planning, and skill development training.

FairGaze: Bringing Education News For Empowering You

FairGaze is India's largest school media that brings relevant news for school students, parents and teachers alike and conduct fun activities like sports engagements, event interactions, etc.

Our super school community is currently engaging with over 3,50,000+ students across 1,300+schools across India to promote skill development training programs with mentor-driven workshops and seminars.

FairGaze skill development programs continually strive to bring new learning and ideas to students enabling them with relevant information and connectivity with the right mentors.


Join India's Largest School Community

Keep track of the latest school news, events, schedules, training programs, skill development courses list; all within a single click.

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Features and Benefits of our App

Increase Engagement

Enhance Your engagement with the school community via our dedicated mobile app

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Maintain transparency in the education sector by sharing information.

Share Key Information

Keep a personalized track of your child's progress, education, training program, skill development and career planning.

Innovative Software

Share your updates, resources and learn new things through our innovative e-training and development app.


Access the information related to your kid's school and education with text messages, emails and notifications.

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alerts and information instantly with free push notifications.

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Together we create an empowered community of purposeful learning that focuses on the holistic development of body, mind and spirit of students.