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With the changing time, the role of teachers has become ever more difficult

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In 21st century

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In 21st century, no one in the world gets no where without an education. With the help of education we can achieve great success in life else we all would just be ignorant. The more knowledge we develop the more we can do with our future. Along with the education system, the role of a teacher has also changed drastically. Teachers are not just mere educators, they are the mentors who guide their students to the right direction and students look up to them as an inspiration. The personality of a teacher not only plays a crucial role on students to enhance their growth and development but also on the parents as it builds confidence among them. Personality doesn’t only mean the appearance of a person, it is beyond this obsolete definition. Constant self-direction towards sincerity, personal integrity, sociability, courtesy, morality wisdom are the few characteristics which should be a part of one’s teacher life.

In the course of time, students have been diagnosed with various physical and mental issues like Drug abuse, anxiety, psychological issues that makes it difficult for them to cope up with the society. Adolescence brings all these problems along with itself which leave the parents and students struggling between the youth’s independence while still needing parental guidance. Adolescence includes youth attention and hyperactivity problems, learning disorders, volatile temperament etc. Schools across the world take a strong approach on drug and substance use, however even after all their efforts, school students are still able to consume various types of drugs. Drugs leave a long lasting impact on a student’s mind, for example downfall in grades due to lack of energy and focus, poor concentration and loss of drive. It is important for teachers to help their students in preventing them from substance abuse by building a positive sense of self-worth, develop values that promote healthy lifestyles etc.

Anxiety is a mental Tsunami for students of this generation. Restlessness, irritability, sense of isolation and trouble in coping up with life issues are few symptoms of anxiety and these issues get severe along with time. Being a teacher is a challenge, a good teacher will be capable of surpassing all the hurdles. Teachers can prevent anxiety and psychological issues among students by promoting self-esteem through rewarding participation, interacting with students calmly and helping the student confront feared situations with encouragement.

The teaching system has changed with time and teachers have to instill a design thinking mindset which is a great way of developing capacity of teachers for creative teaching, critical thinking and interpersonal thinking. Teachers have to face the challenge of educating students in an effective manner and a classroom is just not restricted to simply following the rules. Learning can only occur if the classroom is effective and where students are engaged and achieve the intended learning objectives. With the help of teachers training program, a teacher can become a mentor and a classroom can turn into a place for enrich learning.

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