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These workshops expands the horizon of the students and offer students the opportunity to pursue explore variety of careers and
skilled vocations. The students workshops provide students with courses that seek to develop academic skills, technical skills
and occupational development. The courses enable students to have a hands-on learning experience
along with fun and creativity.

The Demand of Era

The Demand of Era: Students workshop

‘The world is full of opportunities; one only needs to grab it’. The era is changing with the speed of light and it not only demands perfection in academics but in every other field. Gone are the days when only classroom learning was considered efficient, today a student should learn about the innovations, creativity, sports, skills, techniques and moreover exploring their own self for which we need various workshops for students. One is filled with some talent or the other and to discover the talent within them, exploring is the only key. The student of today’s era needs to be involved in discussion or practical work. It’s not just about theory in a particular subject but also about staying close to experienced people who can share their knowledge and experiences with students. Workshops these days are crucial for a student to gain and learn practical knowledge. These workshops train a student about a particular subject they aspire for and also enlighten them with the challenges involved in pursuing a desired career.

Learning about new technologies and better effective ways to accomplish your goals brings one into a zone of confidence and undying spirit. Now let us take you to that zone where you will meet experienced and eminent people to train one on multitude of careers. Have you ever heard about Krav Maga? Krav Maga is about learning self-defense techniques. How about being a makeup artist where human face is the canvas? Being a Nutritionist - healthy eating, better living; Learning sign language- Interpreting the actions with sign language and learning the unique verbal form of communication; Personality development – becoming a better professional and enjoying your uniqueness without hesitation with liveliness. There are various careers available for a student about which they are still unaware and its professional potential. For example, RJing that was considered to be a part time job but not a career and Origami, the Art of Paper folding is itself a profession. To discover the talent and interest, one has to explore a lot. It’s a fact that every child is not born with great academic skills. Also, no one is born without a talent and all you need to do is discover it. To discover it students’ workshops is the first stair

Various workshops for students help in discovering the talent within a person. The students’ workshops are necessary for the overall development of a student that includes physical and mental development as well. Discoveries cannot be made while sitting in a classroom and only reading and gaining theoretical knowledge. Ever thought about Journalism, that how adventurous it is and how interesting it can be. Well all these questions have an answer that is developing the curiosity to learn and to attend the students’ workshops of various and different fields. Yes, a big reason to attend workshops is learning to empower students to take responsibility of their own happiness and success.

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