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Regular consumption of chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, has been associated with improvements in various heart health indicators. Researchers wanted to find out if it is also liked to lowering the risk of heart flutter.

Heart flutter is also known as heart rhythm irregularity atrial fibrillation. It affects over 33 million people globally. It is likely that at some point of their lives one in four adults develop it. The exact causative agent is unknown and currently there is no cure for it. So, its prevention is the only option.

They found that chocolate consumption lowered the risk of heart flutter. Their findings show that the 1 weekly serving (30g per serving) lowered the risk by 17%, 2-6 weekly servings by 20%, and 1 or more additional daily servings by 14%. 

For women, the ideal serving at which the risk was the lowest was found to be 1 serving per week, and for men it was 2-6 servings per week.

"Despite the fact that most of the chocolate consumed in our sample probably contained relatively low concentrations of the potentially protective ingredients, we still observed a robust statistically significant association” say the researchers.


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