The Law Of Equivalent Exchange

Education News | Aug-30-2022

The Law Of Equivalent Exchange

The law of equivalent exchange simply states that for anything given you must receive something of people with greater value and for anything received or expected you must sacrifice or give something of equal or greater value.

(1) Equality: When you are talking about equality you are thinking about relationships mostly about how things are balanced.

(2) Balance: When we are talking about relationships equality speaks to a biblical principle called being an equal job. It is important when you are looking for relationships or partnerships whether to be personal or professional whether they are social friendships. Even sometimes with organizations, or your church, your social club, etc and these entities need to bring something to the table of equal and greater value for you.

In the law of equivalent exchange we are making things fare for one another because life at the end of itself may not be fair it may not be balanced but that's the reason we are giving this higher intellect and this higher stretched power so that we can import fairness into the life of those around us sometimes we have to fight for fairness. We know that they have been many cultures that have been oppressed in the history of our world and they have had to fight for fairness. The fight for fairness will continue because it's up to us to convince one another in the law of equivalent exchange that for everything given there need to be something received or equal or greater value to make things fare now. We don't talk about a socialist economy or socialist environment. That's different because we know that people are not treated equally and that my gift is going to be different than your gift and that your bringing as a resource is going to be different.

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