Top 20 Outdoor Games in India

General News | Feb-20-2022

Top 20 Outdoor Games In India

Outdoor Games keep kids active and also help in boosting physical fitness and stamina. Playing outdoor games also helps by strengthening their bones, muscles, immune system and lowering the risk of several ailments like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, etc. Moreover, outdoor games improve the eyesight of the kids. In India, there are different types of outdoor games that are very popular. The popular ones like Cricket and Football, to the less famous Gillidanda, Kho-kho, Kabbadi, etc., are also played by the Indians frequently. So, we can say that there are different types of outdoor games in India that are very good for the health of the players. The top twenty outdoor games in India and their details are here for you. However, before that, let us discuss some benefits of outdoor games.

 Outdoor Games and Their Influence in India

Outdoor games are those games or sports that are played outside of the house and need a large space. These games are played in natural settings.

The influence of outdoor games in India goes beyond the field of ‘real’ sports. Sports foster the social unity of a society by breaking down borders and creating national identity. Further, they also serve as a platform for young individuals to showcase their talents hence creating an opportunity through which professional careers develop.

A deep cultural, social as well physical value is associated with outdoor sports in India. They add to the country’s cultural heritage and create a feeling of nationality among its populace. The varied landscapes of India form a background to numerous outdoor activities ranging from traditional sports as well as modern forms of competition.

The outdoor games in India are not only fun but also contribute to physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. Besides they provide support to the tourism sector by drawing both local and foreign tourists who are eager to explore India’s multi sporting culture.

For example, Cricket is also referred to as the sport of India and is one of the most popular outdoor games. Even regional, language and cultural barriers are transcended by cricket to unite the nation especially at times when issues concerning national importance arise. Cricket is popular and has millions of supporters.

Also, adventure sports such as river rafting mountaineering and hiking are promoted in states that have unique geographical terrain like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Such practices also offer avenues for tourism and development.

Top 20 outdoor games in India

 1.     Badminton

It is a very popular outdoor game in India, and the team is governed and supervised by the Badminton Association of India. The Indian badminton players like Saina Nehwal, P. V. Sindhu, Aswini Ponnappa are competing with the players of other countries and becoming famous.

 2.     Cricket

Cricket is the most popular outdoor game in India also an important part of Indian culture. It is played in almost all the states of India. BCCI is the body for this popular game in India. Also, the IPL or Indian Premier League is the most followed league in the world. Indian Cricket team won several world championships like ICC Champions Trophy, Twenty 20 World Cup, Cricket World Cup of 2011, etc.

3.     Football

Football is another outdoor game of India. This is very popular in the states, such as West Bengal, Goa, North-East India, and Kerala. Several professional and skilled Indian Football players like Sunil Chhetri and Bhaichung Bhutia had promoted India and Indian Football to the world.

 4.     Hockey

Hockey or also known as Field Hockey is one of the oldest outdoor games in India. It is considered the unofficial national game of India. Indian Hockey players won several trophies as well. This game is played by two teams having 11 players each and they try to hit a hard and small ball with their sticks and take that into the opponent’s goal. It has been played in India for several decades.

5.     Kabaddi

Kabaddi is another very popular and one of the traditional game in India. It is a popular competitive sport, and also its players can play in the Asian Games. There are also several international championships in this game, like Kabaddi World Cup and also a league like IPL, which is famous as Pro Kabaddi League.

This Pro Kabaddi League is the second most-watched sports league in India and is becoming more and more popular.

6.     Tennis

Though this game that is known as Tennis, is limited to the urban areas of India, it will come to the list of the top twenty outdoor games in India. Along with Badminton and Football, this game is becoming really popular and is followed by many Indians. This game was introduced in India in the year 1880.

7.     Motorsport

This game of speed known as Motorsport had developed its stronghold in India when Narain Karthikeyan became by the team of Formula One as the only Indian. Today, India has built its Formula One Team is, known as Force India, to encourage the players.

8.     KhoKho

Kho Kho is a very old sport of India, and also is the second most played traditional game in India after Kabaddi. This Indian outdoor tag game is also played in South Africa by the community of India, and it is one of the most famous games of India. This game needs two teams having 12 players each.

9.     Flying Kite

Flying Kite in India is an outdoor game and is also considered a recreational activity. There is a famous Indian festival that is dedicated to this interesting outdoor game. The Kite festival, or the day of the traditional kite flying festival, is known as Uttarayana in the state Gujarat, and in other parts, it is known as Makara Sankranti.

10.  Gilli Danda

It is a very old outdoor game in India that is played mostly in the rural areas, small towns, and villages in India. This game is also known as an ancient sport of India.

11.  Golf

The game known as Golf is becoming more popular nowadays and is played by many people of the wealthier classes of India. It is also considered as one of the growing sports in India like Tennis, Squash, Rugby, etc.

12.  Kalaripayattu

This game is actually one of the oldest fighting systems that is originated from the state of Kerala and is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Here the players can show their different sets of techniques while trying to defeat each other.

13. Pithu or Lagori

Lagori or Pithu is a very popular game in India. It requires a pile of some flat stones and a ball. The flat stones are stacked on one another, and there will be two teams. One member of a team will throw the ball to knock over the pile of stones, and the team then will try to restore the pile, while the other team will throw the ball at them. If the ball touches a person, then he will be out, and the team needs to continue the game without that member.

 14. Lattu

Lattu is a very famous Indian outdoor game among children. This game involves a wooden top or Lattu, which has a nail at the bottom and can spin speedily. A strong and thick string is wrapped around the grooves of the lattu, and pulling the string forcefully will make the topspin.

15. Marbles or Kancha

This is a very popular game among Indian kids. This is played with many glass marbles of round shape, and the goal is to collect as many marbles as possible, just by striking other marbles with the one in hand.

16. Volleyball

Volleyball is another team sport that is very popular in India as it is usually played in the winter season. It needs two teams, where each of them tries to score points by making the ball touch the ground on the court of the opponent team. This game is actually popular in several parts of India.

17. Track sport

With skilled persons like Hima Das, track sports are becoming a very popular outdoor game in India. This sport has many Indian talents that can easily amaze the world.

18. Basketball

Though Basketball is a popular sport in the U.S., the Indians are also playing this game, and this game is strongly promoted at the local as well as professional level in India.

19. Hopscotch

This game needs no introduction as an outdoor game in India. The rules of this game are within the heart of every Indian. In this game, the players several numbered boxes, then by taking the turn, each participant throws a stone at a box, then hops from one box to another. Whoever reaches the highest point or level will be the winner.

20. Tug of war

Tug of war is another very popular outdoor game in India that was once played in Olympics as well. It is a game where one can feel their actual strength while playing. Here two teams hold a rope from each end and try to pull it towards them. This game actually teaches the value of team effort and spirit.

Benefits Of Playing 20 Outdoor Games in India

Children gain a number of advantages when playing outdoor games in India, such as physical developmental benefits, social skills improvement, emotional growth support and intellectual enhancement.

The benefits of undertaking activities away from home do not only improve overall well-being but it also helps create base for a life that is healthy and rewarding.

Some of the advantages of playing outside for physical development include:

1. Improved motor skills

Outdoor activities have positive effects on motor skill development, such as agility balance and coordination. Activities like climbing trees, cycling and playing catch challenge the physical strength of youngsters. These practices help develop physical skills for the children in general.

2. Relatively Low Body Mass Index

Playing outdoors is considered as a healthy lifestyle which leads to lesser possibility of overweight during childhood. As opposed to sedentary behaviours, outdoor activities make children physically active and contribute towards the loss of calories that finally lead to a lower Body Mass Index (BMI).

3. Improvements in Overall Health

Being outside allows youngsters to get sunlight and thus produce vitamin D which is essential for the immune system against diseases, improving moods as well as reducing obesity in childhood.

4. The Muscle Strength Increases

Physical strength and coordination of a child can be promoted through playing outdoor games such as swinging, bicycling or scootering. These workouts require a variety of muscles that help to improve the overall body structure.

The advantages of playing outside for social development include:

1. Facilitating communication with other people

Open spaces enable children to talk and show their feelings in a comfortable environment. Children who are allowed to play outdoors develop better communication skills while encouraging them on free expression.

2. An Increased Awareness of Oneself

Participation in outdoor activities helps develop observational and reasoning skills of young people thus promoting self-awareness. Allowing people to see different perspectives and settings gives them a clearer understanding of both their own nature and the setting inside which they find themselves.

3. A Love of Its Natural Environment

Playing 20 outdoor games in India cultivates appreciation towards nature. However, as they grow older, children who play outside are more likely to respect and value the protection of their environment.

4. Enhancements to Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Children tend to interact cooperatively with each other and develop a positive relationship. Since children who frequently engage in activities that are outside have a tendency to establish close friendships with peers and show understanding, the possibility of bullying is minimized.

The benefits of playing outside for emotional development include:

1. The Multi-Sensory Approach

Playing outdoor games in India revolves around a more satisfying sensory activity than watching television or any idle pastime. It is this kind of sensory involvement that helps children digest the information they are exposed to during their exploration about it.

2. Instilling a Sense of Autonomy

Through the means of outdoor play, children find and test in a largely unbounded setting that has them become free. It is rewarding to the development of confidence and self-reliance, as it provides a chance for creating completely new games and pushing boundaries.

3. Learn To Reflect On Oneself

When they are free to play, children get the opportunity of experimenting something new, feelings different emotions and learn from both successful attempts and not. This reflection allows children to cope with strong feelings more constructively and, as a result, increases their emotional quotient.

4. Building Resilience

Through play out children find ways of dealing with the difficulties and acquire resilience because it involves unpredictable circumstances. Building emotional resilience enables children to manage difficulties in their natural environment, which then readies them for the tough times that are ahead.

5. Outdoor Play Also Helps in The Development Of Brain

Playing outdoor games in India help to promote creativity, decision-making and organisational skills. Kids produce games, solve or overcome problems and realize ideas that altogether develop a complete cognitive structure.

6. Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Interaction with peers in natural situations increases interpersonal skills that helps improve one’s life. To lay the foundation for positive and healthy relationships as adults, children learn how to make friends, negotiate various social situations they encounter in addition to accepting change.

7. Broadening Learning Experience

The widening of the learning space can be achieved by including outdoor educational toys and resources. By understanding that education is not limited to only classrooms, but may also be found anywhere else children develop a positive attitude towards the process of acquiring knowledge.

8. Cultivate Interest in Unfamiliar Topics

Playing 20 outdoor games in India can motivate children to study various topics with curiosity and interest. Such pre-existing interests can serve as a driving force for additional research and discovery that may foster lifetime passion with regards to learning.


India is a country that is known for its characteristic of ‘unity among diversity’. With so many regional cultural variations, it is obvious that the field of sports will also have its own fair share. There is hardly any other country where so many types of outdoor games are played by the common people. These top twenty outdoor games in India are not only famous in our country, but also in several other places in the world. Through these games, the power to play as a team increases a lot, and the players can strengthen their physical and mental power. So, these top twenty outdoor games in India have a strong influence on the Indian citizens and their lives.

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