Festivals Of India: Unity In Diversity

General News | Feb-18-2021

Festivals Of India: Unity In Diversity

India is a country with a diverse culture, different ethnicities, and rich heritage. Every citizen of India realizes the significance of festivals in the country. Numerous celebrations take place in India in a year with a wide variety of festivals. From Holi to Diwali, from Shivratri to Eid, each day is commemorated with a distinct attribute.

Most of these festivals signify the importance of religious deities and an occurrence that marked the day as special. Along the lines of this, there is Diwali, the most prominent festival of Indians. Diwali is celebrated because it is said that Lord Rama returned home after defeating the evil King Ravana and saving his wife, Goddess Sita. Diwali holds a grand value in the hearts of the Hindus who eagerly wait for it the whole year. All the auspicious Indian festivals are celebrated in absolutely unique ways. On Holi, colors are thrown onto one another as a part of the celebration, whereas on Dussehra, a figurine of Ravana is burnt to mark the victory of good over evil.

Festivals in India are not only celebrated as a sign of a religious sacrament. Sankranti is celebrated on 15th January to mark the end of
Winter and the commencement of the harvest season. Additionally, festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated by the nation irrespective of religious or cultural variations. All these festivals in India are bound to attract some business. Every year, thousands of businesses experience substantial growth during festival seasons. Businesses like gold, gifts, and sweets flourish immensely. Festivals bring out charm and excitement in people, and they celebrate that through gifts. And sweets are a natural part of happiness. It signifies a good event taking place.

A further reason why Indians honor the festival is that families and friends gather around during that time. Not only family but festivals bind all the citizens of the country as one for the day. Stress escapes the minds of people, and they immerse themselves completely in the spirit of festivals. To see a country unite and celebrate their special occasions, all-the-while respecting each other’s ethnicities, it’s truly a wonderful site.

By- Simran Raghav

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