Social Media Addiction

General News | May-24-2020

Social Media Addiction

In our everyday life, social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on have become an indispensable part. We like to spend most of our time using social media and like to keep on chatting with our friends. Social media is a good platform to showcase your skills but if we keep on using it for a long time, it can become an addiction. In this article, we are going to discuss the disadvantages of social media platforms.

According to human psychology, if a person does something he likes for about 66 days regularly, then it becomes their habit. But if that person uses social media for even 7-8 days, then it becomes his/her habit and soon it gets converted into an addiction. Now let us discuss the disadvantages of social media addiction. Being social media addicted, makes children spend most of their time on then and after that, they do not have time for their studies because of which they become weaker in studies and lack confidence. Spending most of the time on social media while chatting with each other makes them lack self-confidence when they communicate face to face with each other.

Social media addiction has made children lazy and obsessed. They sit in one place and keep on chatting with each other using social media. This has also made them self-centered because of which they have become introverted and are unable to share their emotions with their family members. They get detached from their family and become a part of the social media family.

At last, I would like to say that using social media is not wrong but using it in unfair means becomes a very big problem. Usage of anything in excess is bad.

By: Harsh Yadav

School: S.D. Public School

Class: 10th